Combining the calamities of parenting with the chaotic cuteness of kittens, Parenting is Weird: Tails from the Litterbox presents the family foibles we can all relate to. A hilariously honest comic collection that explores all things parenting, from stepping out of the hospital for the first time to losing a kid in the grocery store, except everyone is cats.

Tales from the Litterbox
by Chesca Hause
Andrews McMeel, September 2023

From the creator of the popular Instagram and webtoon comic Litterbox Comics comes a collection of her most popular comics, including never-before-seen artwork, character bios, stickers, word searches, and more. both long-time fans and those who are unfamiliar with litterbox comics will enjoy this humorous, fresh take on what it’s like raising two boys… er, kitties… in the age of the internet.

Born near London, England in the early 80’s, Chesca Hause was always « The Cartoonist » at school and went to university for animation. She married Jeremiah (aka GhostHause) in 2009 and they moved to Austin, Texas. After becoming a mum to 2 boys, Chesca wanted to do something that combined cartoons with her newfound parenting knowledge. In 2018 she struck upon the idea of starting Litterbox Comics: A webcomic based on her family, but everyone is animals, because she hates drawing people!

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