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THE WALL OF LIFE de Shirley MacLaine

By introducing readers to her extensive photocollection, MacLaine shares both intimate family memories and images from some of the most significant figures from film, entertainment, and politics.

Pictures and Stories from My Life So Far
by Shirley MacLaine
Crown, October 2024

With over seventy years on the silver screen, Shirley MacLaine has, as she says, seen it all, done it all, been everywhere, and met everyone. In 1955, she debuted in Hollywood as the lead role in The Trouble with Harry, winning her the first of many Golden Globes, and from there, her popularity only grew as she amassed a stunning collection of awards, stories, and experiences. Now, at nearly ninety years old, MacLaine has more stories to tell and the pictures to bring them to life. Along the way, readers gain greater insight into figures such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Fosse, Bette Davis, Jack Nicholson, the Dalai Lama, Fidel Castro, Mikhael Baryshnikov, and many more.

Shirley MacLaine is an actress, author, and former dancer. Known for her portrayals of quirky, strong-willed, and eccentric women, she has received numerous accolades over her seven-decade career, including an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, six Golden Globes, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Apart from acting, MacLaine has written numerous books regarding the subjects of metaphysics, spirituality, and reincarnation, as well as a New York Times best selling memoir, Out on a Limb.