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A searching, uplifting memoir by the celebrated, groundbreaking climber: a journey of overcoming where the mountain’s highest peaks can only be reached by traversing the dark crevasses of the soul.

by Melissa Arnot Reid
Sugar23, April 2025

At twenty-seven, when Melissa Arnot Reid accepted a tank of oxygen just short of the summit of Mt Everest, she felt ravaged by defeat. Driven by a relentless, lifelong quest to prove to herself, her family, and the world that she was enough, she had set herself an incredible goal to be become the first American woman to summit Everest without oxygen, in the manner of history’s greatest alpinists. The failure battered her spirit and left her struggling to keep her tenuous grip on hope.

In the candid and adventurous spirit of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, THIS IS NOT A BOOK ABOUT EVEREST is a story of a life in which the most dangerous mountain faces became a refuge until suddenly Ithey, too, no longer seemed safe. From a childhood marked by conflict, betrayal, and predation, Reid propelled herself to the top of the mountain climbing world, summiting and guiding on the world’s most challenging peaks, and establishing herself as woman unafraid to throw elbows in a milieu dominated by men. And yet for every summit she attained, her valleys of inner turmoil–over her estrangement with the family she believed she’d destroyed as a child; over relationships that cycled through deception and infidelity grew deeper and more self-destructive. Eventually, she could not keep these worlds from colliding, especially after a series of tragedies at dangerous elevations took the lives of her mentors and friends. Forced at last to face herself, Reid made her most perilous climb vet -toward the uncertain promise of forgiveness and self-acceptance

A beautiful, aching memoir of a journey with life-and-death stakes on the mountain and off, THIS IS NOT A BOOK ABOUT EVEREST bares the soul of one of the world greatest climbers, offering views on the awesome, rarified heights visible only at thin-air altitudes and the dark depths home to demons at once personal to Reid and yet familiar to anyone who has struggle to love themselves.

Melissa Arnot Reid is the first American woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen. It was her sixth summit of the highest ground on earth, cementing her place in mountaineering history. In doing so, she became a media star, in demand from many publications, television shows, and organizations looking for inspirational speakers.