WINTER IS COMING de Garry Kasparov sera publié par Public Affairs

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Un accord vient d’être conclu entre l’agence littéraire The Gernert Company et l’éditeur PublicAffairs pour la publication aux États Unis du prochain titre de Garry Kasparov, ancien champion d’échecs aujourd’hui fervent opposant à la politique de Poutine.

A clear-eyed view of the Russian leader and what can be done to stop him, from the Russian dissident and former #1 world chess champion

Why Putin Must Be Stopped, and How the Forgotten Lessons of the Cold War Can Prevent a New One
by Garry Kasparov
Public Affairs, Autumn 2015 (Manuscript due April 2015)

 When Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the world finally began to take seriously what pro-democracy dissidents—of whom Garry Kasparov has been the most vocal and prominent—have been saying for years: Vladimir Putin will stop at nothing to consolidate and maintain power.  Not kleptocratic corruption, not political assassination, not crackdowns on political freedoms, not a puppet President, not ultra-nationalist rhetoric—and now, not even the military invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. 

And yet the United States and Europe have continued to appease Putin, as if patience and continued engagement will one day bring him around to the liberal democratic values on which our own nations are built.  Years of seeing his Cassandra-like prophecies about Putin’s intentions fulfilled, however, have left Garry Kasparov with the realization of a far darker truth: Putin’s Russia, like ISIS or Al Qaeda, defines itself in opposition to the free countries of the world.  And so the only way to avoid the second Cold War that Putin very much wants is, ironically, for the liberal democracies of the world to present a united front against him, one built on the same moral values on which the West stood during the first Cold War. 

Garry Kasparov spent twenty years as the world’s #1 ranked chess player.  In 2005, he retired from professional chess to lead the pro-democracy opposition against Vladimir Putin, and ran for the presidency of Russia in 2008.  In 2012, he was named Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, succeeding Václav Havel. He has been a contributing editor to The Wall Street Journal since 1991, and his 2007 book, How Life Imitates Chess, has been published in twenty-three languages.   He lives in self-imposed exile in New York with his wife, Dasha.

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