DAS GRAND HOTEL de Caren Benedikt

A glamorous sea-side hotel, an influential family, and a well-kept secret … The first volume of an opulent Family Saga.

[The Grand Hotel – Reaching for the Stars]
by Caren Benedikt
Blanvalet, February 2020

Rügen 1924. There it is on the promenade of Binz, white and magnificent – the impressive Grand Hotel belonging to the von Plesow family. A lot has happened here, and things have not always been easy, but Bernadette is proud of her hotel, the best in town. It was here that she brought up her children: the quiet Alexander, who one day will inherit the Grand Hotel; Josephine, the rebellious artist who is still trying to find her place in life; Constantin, always on the go, who already has his own hotel in Berlin, the Astor. Things could hardly be better. Of course, there is the odd quarrel with her daughter, and something seems to be not quite right with the otherwise cheerful maid Marie – but all this is nothing compared to what the unannounced visit of a man could lead to who threatens Bernadette he will disclose her darkest secret …

Caren Benedikt is the pseudonym of author Petra Mattfeldt. After legal training she freelanced as a journalist and now mainly works as a novelist.

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