GOOD EGGS de Rebecca Hardiman

Charmingly irreverent and relatable, this is a vibrant and uplifting story about three imperfect humans each at a time of change in their lives, when absolutely nothing feels right. A debut novel about forgiveness and love, coupled with a healthy dose of adventure and the particular kind of crazy that only family can deliver.

by Rebecca Hardiman

Atria, publication date TBD

When Kevin Gogarty’s irrepressible 83-year-old mum Millie is caught shoplifting yet again, he’s got no choice but to hire a caretaker to look after her, despite her protestations about losing her independence. Kevin is already at his wits’ end since losing his job over a year ago, and he’s grown increasingly restless and resentful that the responsibilities of managing children and home have fallen on him, while his wife is off pursuing her demanding career. Their wayward 16-year-old daughter Aideen feels deeply misunderstood, but her fraught relationships with just about everyone lead to her being sent quite miserably off to boarding school, where her troubles only escalate. Into the Gogartys’ calamitous world steps Sylvia Phenning, a brash American home aide who quickly earns Millie’s trust but unfortunately isn’t all she appears to be. Her deceptions will lead to the greatest Gogarty crisis yet, including two family members going AWOL on an international adventure. But what tears these family members apart ultimately brings them back together, better than ever before. Set primarily in Dublin and told from the points-of-view of its three main characters, GOOD EGGS is a funny and heartfelt study in self-determination, the notion that it’s never too late to start living, and the unique redemption that family, despite its maddening flaws, can offer. Fans of A Man Called Ove, Where’d You Go Bernadette, and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine will appreciate Rebecca Hardiman’s buoyant voice-driven narrative style and admire the astute observations of human nature they’ll find on every page of GOOD EGGS.

Rebecca Hardiman is a dual Irish-American citizen, raised by an Irish mom, who has lived in Dublin and attended boarding school there as a teenager. She currently lives in New Jersey. She has been an editor at magazines including In Style, Movieline, and People en Español, and has written for various other publications. GOOD EGGS is her first novel.

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