A sparkling romantic comedy starring a bestselling author who goes to Paris to overcome writer’s block and rediscovers family, independence, and love along the way.

by Dee Ernst
St. Martin’s Griffin, April 2021 (voir catalogue)

Maggie Bliss is in trouble. A forty-something, bestselling romance author, Maggie needs to finish the last novel of her current trilogy; except she has the worst case of writer’s block of her career. When her agent offers her a chance to get away to his apartment in Paris, complete with his housekeeper, how can she refuse? She can write undisturbed and pampered in the most beautiful and inspiring city in the world, and she can visit her daughter who is studying in France. Even better, on arrival she meets a charming and sexy Frenchman, Max, the housekeeper’s son, who becomes her writing inspiration. But then her ex-husband shows up in Paris to see their daughter as well, and it seems that he might be interested in rekindling a romance with Maggie. As sparks fly with both men, can Maggie finish her book and find her happily-ever-after?

Dee Ernst was born and raised in New Jersey, which explains a great deal about her attitude towards life. Although she always loved reading women’s fiction and romantic comedy, she never loved the twenty-something heroines who couldn’t figure out how to go about getting what they wanted. She began to write about women like herself —slightly older, confident, and with a wealth of life experience to draw upon. She self-published her first novel in 2012, Better Off Without Him, which became an Amazon bestseller with nearly 70,000 copies sold when Amazon picked it up in 2013 for their Montlake line. She has continued publishing with Amazon and has self-published several books including A Safe Place To Land, which garnered a Rita Award nomination as Contemporary Romance Novel: Short.

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