RAGE YOGA de Lindsay Istace

An irreverent and hilarious guide to unleashing your inner badass, from the creator of Rage Yoga.

RAGE YOGA: Unleash Your Inner Badass
by Lindsay Istace
Sourcebooks, April 2021 (voir catalogue)

From the creator of the international viral sensation Rage Yoga comes a book that will empower readers to crush their bullsh*t, unleash their inner Badass Self, and be Zen as f*ck. Rage Yoga is taught by certified instructors and done while blasting hard rock music, hydrating with a cold beer, loudly cursing like a sailor, and extending your fist unicorns in a state of bleeped-out bliss. This book will explore how and why Rage Yoga came to be and how to create a regular practice through breath work, positional exercises, and mindfulness, along with two 7-day programs.

An award-winning circus artist, Lindsay Istace performs contortion, sword swallowing, comedy-variety acts and fire arts. They have trained contortion and extreme flexibility with top coaches in Beijing, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Their keen interest in flexibility ended up bringing them into the world of Yoga and taking them on a deeper and more Badass path. They became a certified Yoga instructor and founded Rage Yoga in 2016. Since then, they have taught the viral phenomenon across North America and Europe as well as online. Rage Yoga has continued to grow and expand and had begun to bring in new teacher with annual Rage Yoga Certified Badass Instructor programs.

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