Instantly classic storytelling and a crackling, breakthrough voice announce the arrival of a standout new middle-grade science fiction series that kicks off with the fast-paced adventures of orphan Milo Quick in the doomed final days of the flying city of Highgate.

by Jason Sheehan
Dutton, September 2021

Taken in the night and delivered to the flying city of Highgate when he was a small child, Milo Quick has never known another home. Now almost thirteen, Milo survives one daredevil grift at a time, relying only on his wits, speed, and an unfailingly loyal band of friends. War is coming to Highgate. As a massive armada surrounds the city, a small ship, the Halcyon, slips through the blockade. Led by a charismatic captain, the unconventional crew of the Halcyon has come to collect Milo for a bounty. But they too are being watched. As threats begin to close in on Milo, the truth will soon be revealed that he is not the true prize they seek, and that the stakes go far beyond the borders of the city, and time, as he knows it. In his debut novel for young readers, Jason Sheehan cleverly weaves together multiple points of view, creating a richly imagined world filled with danger, heart-racing adventure, and no shortage of wit.
And the dramatic, final cliffhanger makes it clear that the next books in the series will take them far beyond the streets and city wall of Highgate, with many more secrets left to discover.

Jason Sheehan is a freelance journalist and James Beard award-winning author. In addition to being a book and video game critic for NPR, as a former chef he is also the restaurant critic for Philadelphia Magazine. He has published three books for adults and this is his first book for young readers.

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