The host of the Mindset Mentor podcast shares the advice and tools from years of study and interviews that have worked for thousands of coaching clients.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Start Reaching Your Full Potential
by Rob Dial
HarperOne, Fall 2022
(via Park & Fine)

Rob Dial has transformed millions of lives through his role as host of the Mindset Mentor podcast, with 3.5 million downloads a month. His book will use principles of neuroplasticity and mindfulness to help readers change their brains and break out of self-sabotaging patterns. He uses personal stories to demonstrate how to create routines and tools that will help readers to visualize and achieve their success.
Rob receives thousands of DMs from listeners thanking him for helping them break life-long patterns of self-sabotage to finally change careers, lose weight, overcome anxiety, and find meaningful relationships. Self-sabotage keeps us locked in behaviors like procrastination, perfectionism, workaholism, and saying yes to commitments we can’t see through, ultimately preventing us from making progress toward our true goals. Our strongest emotions get the better of us, even with the best intentions. By drawing on principles of neuroplasticity and mindfulness techniques, you can change your brain and develop the willpower to break free of these self-sabotaging patterns.
In WILLPOWER WORKS, Rob will share the brain and personality science he has learned in years of study, the advice and tools that have worked for 1000s of coaching clients, and his personal journey of self-sabotage following the death of his alcoholic father while Rob was in his teens. Rob will promote his book through his podcast platform, which reaches 1.1M unique listeners per month with episodes featuring guests like Matthew McConaughey and Jay Shetty, and Facebook, where he has 2.6M followers and videos regularly go viral, such as “Your Job is a Waste of Your Life” with 99M+ views. He will also engage his network which includes Tom Bilyeu, Aubrey Marcus, Rich Roll, and more. His book would be his first foray into traditional media.

Rob Dial started his career in sales at age 19 and worked his way up to owning and operating a multi-million-dollar office by age 24. After studying with leaders in the personal development field, he launched his podcast, The Mindset Mentor, in 2015. In 2017, he started producing viral Facebook videos that have garnered upwards of 98M+ views, 51M+ view and 23M+ views, with totals well over a billion total views. He now reaches 3M+ followers on social media.

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