I HEAR YOU, OCEAN de Kallie George & Carmen Mok

This joyful and soothing picture book about ocean sounds will transport readers to the seaside.

by Kallie George
illustrated by Carmen Mok

Greystone Kids, September 2022

When a child visits the ocean with his little brother, he whispers to him, “The ocean has lots to say, if you listen.” Together, they hear wondrous things, like the rumble of pebbles tumbling and filling the beach with shiny gems, the bark of a seal playing peekaboo, and the whooshing of a shell murmuring messages.
The second book in the Sounds of Nature Series for young children, I HEAR YOU, OCEAN
 is an excellent resource for outdoor education and social-emotional learning, helping to teach: 

How to engage with nature in fun and respectful ways 
• Mindfulness and empathy with the world around us
• Positive and gentle play with younger siblings
• The ocean makes magical sounds—you just have to listen!

Kallie George is an author and picture book editor who has written numerous acclaimed books for children. She grew up on the Sunshine Coast in BC, where she spent her days roaming the forests and listening to all the sounds within. Now, she and her husband have made a home in the woods so that her son can do the same.
Carmen Mok has received several illustration awards, including the SCBWI Canada East People’s Choice Portfolio Award for Illustration and the Storyteller Award. Mok is the illustrator of I Hear You, Forest, Grandmother’s VisitViolet Shrink, and A Stopwatch from Grampa. She lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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