A steady and wise guide to learning how to embrace the changes needed to follow the path to living as your true self, perfect for readers of the new crop of self-help thought leaders like Yung Pueblo, Jay Shetty, and Rupi Kaur.

A Guide to Navigating Change
by Najwa Zebian
Harmony Books/Random House, March 2024

Most people want something in their life to change, whether it’s their job, their personal relationships, or their ability to live authentically. And sometimes, unwanted change comes all too swiftly. In THE ONLY CONSTANT, celebrated author and educator Najwa Zebian guides her readers through the changes we must make (or those we need to endure) on the journey to our most authentic lives. She quiets the noise, teaches us to accept ourselves as we are now, and focuses on the necessity and beauty of those messy transitional times.
This is a profound guide to embracing impermanence and celebrating the fact that change is what puts the life in life. With timeless wisdom, Najwa shares her personal experiences with change (for example, rejecting her culture’s definition of what constitutes a « good woman » so that she could live more honestly). She guides us through the changes we choose, like embarking on a new career or setting boundaries, changes we don’t choose, like the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job, and changes we need to make to lead an authentic life.
Ultimately, Zebian teaches that the purpose of change is to step into the world as your most authentic self. A highly practical guide to unfamiliar terrain, THE ONLY CONSTANT is here to assure us that uncertainty is natural. Yes, change is scary. But it’s the path to living as your true self.

Dr. Najwa Zebian, Ed.D., is a Lebanese Canadian activist, author, speaker, and educator with a doctorate in educational leadership. Dr. Zebian began to write in an effort to connect with and heal her first students, a group of young refugees. The author of four books that guide readers to navigate hard emotions, most recently Welcome Home, Dr. Zebian delivered the TEDx talk “Finding Home Through Poetry. » She recently launched her podcast, In the Clear, with cohost Stephan Maighan to guide listeners in gaining clarity through a holistic look through logic and emotion. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, Elle Canada, HuffPost, and more.

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