ACHT WÖLFE d’Ulla Scheler

Eight young people, lost in the Canadian wilderness – if they want to get out alive, they must stick together.

(Eight Wolves)
by Ulla Scheler
Heyne/PRH Germany, September 2023

Eight young people join a guided hike through Canada’s biggest national park. For the next three weeks, they will experience the wilderness and see the Northern Lights. But even in the wilderness, you can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. When they witness a crime, the eight have no choice but to run. Lost in the middle of nowhere, they have no equipment and nothing to help them find their way home. They also can’t stand each other. But their only chance of getting out of this alive is to work together.

A survival thriller for fans of « Rust Creek ».

Ulla Scheler, born in 1994, studied psychology and IT in Munich and Karlsruhe. Her debut novel « Es ist gefährlich, bei Sturm zu schwimmen » (« Swimming during a storm is dangerous ») was a big popular and critical success, and shortlisted for the German YA Prize. « Eight Wolves » is her first non-YA novel.

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