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DER WISENT de Konrad Bogusław Bach

A gripping tale, by turns tragicomic and mythical.

(The Bison)
by Konrad Bogusław Bach
‎ Blessing Verlag/PRH Germany, August 2022

Heniek and Andrzeij live in a small town in Poland. One is a mechanic, the other a carpenter, and both are about to retire. They have never had the urge to see the world, but one day they leave their home town of Gajerudki and head west down the A2, the « Motorway to Freedom ». They’re trying to track down Beatka, who has left Heniek after 36 years of marriage to start a new life in the Netherlands. They’ve taken the Mercedes they were meant to fix for a customer, and when they don’t have enough money to fill it with proper fuel, they use cooking oil instead. After an accident involving a herd of deer, the two friends continue their journey on foot. Along the way, they find out things they never knew about each other, including some dark secrets – and when they encounter a European bison, they face a reckoning with their past.

Konrad Bogusław Bach was born in Nakło nad Notecią, Poland, in 1984, and grew up in Hanover. He studied theatre and Catholic theology, classical philosophy and screenwriting in Berlin, Krakow and Rome. In 2020, he completed his PhD on « Laughter on Stage », and now teaches at a secondary school in Frankfurt an der Oder. He has received a grant from the city of Nuremberg for his writing, and taken part in the Munich Screenwriting Workshop as well as the Jürgen Ponto Foundation’s creative writing workshop. His 2015 short film « Magdalenas Akte » has won several prizes. He is married with three children, and lives in Gubin on the Polish–German border. DER WISENT is his first novel.


The secret life of foxes: Clever, playful and caring – what these shrewd survival artists can teach us. Surprising and inspiring.

[The Wisdom of Foxes]
by Dag Frommhold & Daniel Peller
‎ Ludwig/Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, September 2022

Red fur, amber eyes, a bushy tail: foxes are incredibly beautiful animals. We also think of them as intelligent, shrewd and playful. Yet foxes are not just smart: they have an extraordinary gift for empathy and are excellent communicators. They have a capacity for altruism and self-sacrifice, foster close emotional relationships, and are affectionate partners and loving parents. Foxes prove that you can achieve more through constructive debate than aggression, that smarts and flexibility can get us what we want, and that selflessness benefits everyone in the end.
In DIE WEISHEIT DER FÜCHSE, fox experts Dag Frommhold and Daniel Peller tell astonishing stories showing just how fascinating foxes are – not only are they much more like us than we think, but we can learn a lot from these unsung heroes.

Dag Frommhold has loved foxes ever since he was a child. As an author, co-founder of wildlife conservation initiatives and spokesperson for various wildlife and nature conservation organisations, he has spent many years championing foxes and their fellow vulpines.
When a serious illness forced him to give up his job, Daniel Peller decided to dedicate his life to foxes. After more than twenty years of observing them, corresponding with international fox specialists and closely working with wildlife shelters, he is now a bona fide fox expert. In 2017, he founded the organisation « Fox Aid », running its online aid network, and campaigning for wildlife conservation.

BÖSE BÄUME de Markus Bennemann

The evil life of trees: they kill, steal and commit arson – the truth about our beloved woodland friends.

[Bad Trees]
by Markus Bennemann
Goldmann/Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, November 2022

No wonder we love trees so much. Even just a short stroll through a park or woodland helps us breathe easier and replenish our energy resources, and looking up into the leafy canopy above your head can help clear your mind. But beeches, yews, etc. also have a darker side: they commit all sorts of nefarious deeds, and are willing to poison, mutilate and kill to gain the advantage over their neighbours. In BÖSE BÄUME, the science editor Markus Bennemann – who loves nothing more than taking a stroll in the woods – uncovers the unpleasant truth about their darker side. He tells readers about the tropical strangler fig, which insidiously chokes its victims; about the domestic walnut, which turns out to be a nasty poisoner; and about eucalyptus trees, who are actually pyromaniacs – and many other such unpalatable fellows in the world of trees.

Markus Bennemann couldn’t decide whether to major in literature or biology. In the end, he chose literature, and now writes books about… well, biology. He is the author of several adult non-fiction and children’s books, which have been translated into numerous languages.

FRANKIE de Joachim Gutsch & Maxim Leo

A cat explains the world to us: a soulful and funny novel with depth and little philosophical lessons about life. For readers of Matt Haig and Fredrik Backman.

by Joachim Gutsch & Maxim Leo
‎ Penguin Germany, March 2023

Imagine you’re looking for the meaning of life – and end up concussing a cat with a pepper mill instead…
Richard Gold has planned everything down to the last detail. Nothing will go wrong. Today’s the day he’ll take his own life. Or so he thinks. Because what Gold hasn’t counted on is that, instead of killing himself, he’ll acquire a new flatmate called Frankie. Frankie contributes nothing to the rent, keeps him up all night, wakes him in the morning, and otherwise ruthlessly exploits his hospitality. Nevertheless, they slowly become friends, at a time when Gold needs a friend more than anything…

Jochen Gutsch is a reporter at Spiegel magazine and a columnist at the Berliner Zeitung, and has won the Theodor Wolff Prize and the Henri Nannen Prize.
Maxim Leo is a columnist at the Berliner Zeitung, and has also won the Theodor Wolff Prize, as well as the European Book Prize. His book Red Love has been translated into numerous languages.
Together, they have conquered the bestseller lists with their hugely popular books
Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase (« It’s just a phase, honey »), and Du bleibst mein Sieger, Tiger (« You’ll always be my winner, darling »), and their joint stage shows regularly sell out.


On fathers and daughters – the tale of an impossible relationship.

[An Uprising of Sea Creatures]
by Marie Gamillscheg
Luchterhand/Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, September 2022

Luise is intelligent, Luise is independent, Luise is an island. She has also gained a reputation as an excellent marine biologist. Her specialty is the sea walnut, a ghostly illuminated jellyfish living in the dark waters of the oceans. When Luise is asked to go to Graz for a project with a famous zoo, she says yes right away. But Graz is the town she grew up in and the town where her estranged father, who is ill, still lives – and where the silence between them began, long ago…
Marie Gamillscheg writes compellingly and vividly about the process of freeing ourselves from our childhood, our body, and the rules that we believe to be our own – but which others have determined for us. At the same time, this novel is an attempt to describe the inherent impossibility of father-daughter relationships.

Marie Gamillscheg, born in Graz in 1992, lives and works in Berlin, freelancing as a journalist and contributing to ZEIT Campus and other media. She was awarded the city of Graz literature promotion prize in 2015 and the New German Fiction Prize. In 2016 she took part in the Klagenfurt Literature Course and was awarded a working stipend by the Berlin Senate. Her works have been published in many magazines and anthologies. Her novel All That Shines topped the ORF list of best books, was nominated for the aspekte Literature Prize and won the Austrian Book Prize for the Best Debut Novel in 2018.