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What really matters in parenting.

(Children Need Imperfect Parents)
by Caroline Märki and Knut Krüger
Kösel, April 2024

Perfect parenting results in perfect children? If only it were that easy. Many parents are exceedingly ambitious and want to do their job as ‘flawlessly’ as possible. But in doing so, they miss out on how much families can benefit when parents do NOT raise their children according to some standard textbook. In their book, Caroline Märki and Knut Krüger, two close confidants and companions of Jesper Juul, get to the bottom of assumedly golden parenting rules, exposing the deeply rooted but erroneous axioms and parenting myths that are hidden underneath. Notions such as ‘Parents must be consistent!’ are refuted and discarded once and for all, not only because such ideas make our lives needlessly more difficult, but also because they frequently produce misunderstandings and self-doubt.

Well-founded, entertaining, and with many examples from everyday family life, this advice book proclaims this to all mothers and fathers: You have a right to make mistakes, and children don’t need parents who are perfect. Instead, they need parents who are willing to develop along with them. Make mistakes! Dare to be imperfect. Only then will you be just right for your children: approachable, empathetic, and authentic.

Caroline Märki, born in 1971, is the founder and director of familylab Switzerland, an offshoot of the international counseling network in leadership and relationship skills based on Jesper Juul. She works as a certified psychosocial counselor SGfB, and is a parent and adult educator, as well as head of the 4-year course Experience-oriented Family Counseling.

Knut Krüger has a degree in German Studies, and has worked in bookselling and publishing. Today he is a translator, editor and freelance writer, but his heart belongs to football. He claims that, at the mini World Cup in 1974, he (Italy) scored two goals against his opponent (Argentina), but unfortunately no one can confirm it…


Discovering the intuitive wisdom of your heart and finding support and serenity.

(22 Questions Addressed to Your Heart That Will Fill Your Life with Love)
by Christine Dohler
Goldmann, February 2024

There are so many questions about love and life, fundamental ones being: Exactly what is love? Will I simply be found by love or should I go looking for it? How can I share love? After Christine Dohler began to consult her heart as her most adept compass, life began opening up from a completely different and more truthful perspective. In this inspiring book, the author explores 22 questions about love – and the answers arrive authentically and intuitively from the heart. They are universal and encouraging, impart confidence, and open up a liberating perspective on true love. Accompanied by many practical exercises and impulses, this book is an invitation to self-reflection.

  • With practical tips, tools, and impulses for communicating with your own heart
  • For fans of Karin Kuschik and Brianna Wiest.

Christine Dohler studied journalism and communication science at the University of Hamburg and trained at the Henri Nannen School of Journalism. She is the managing director of copywriting at Emotion Slow and writes for FAS, Die Zeit, SZ-Magazin, Emotion, Brigitte, and Flow. She is also a trained systemic coach and meditation trainer.

WHISPERS d’Ayla Dade

Four elite students, four deadly secrets and a dangerous game: they can trust no one – but will they get too close to each other for their own good? – Spicy thrills and high-society vibes from this bestselling author.

Die Wahrheit wird dich zerstören
(Whispers – The Truth Will Destroy You)
by Ayla Dade
Penguin, June 2024

Harvard University: instead of being conscientious, hard-working students, members of the elite fraternity Alpha Phi Omega have wild parties and set each other high-risk dares. Everyone wants to be part of the hype, and film their challenge live for the Whispers app: Noktura. But what starts as a game spins out of control when Willow, Benedict, Deepika and Jacob find Henry’s body during a team challenge at Langdell Hall. They are shocked – but relieved too: all four have a guilty secret that’s somehow linked to Henry.

Meanwhile, mysterious Noktura has her eyes and ears everywhere, and sends them an anonymous message saying that she knows that one of them is Henry’s killer. If they want her to keep quiet about their secrets they’ll have to be good kids and keep playing this pitch-black game. The four students have no other choice. As the challenges get more and more dangerous, they are driven to the brink of madness – and into each other’s arms. Are their all-consuming feelings for each other are real, or just a vile attempt to discover their secrets?

Ayla Dade spends every spare minute she has writing stories. The popular book blogger fills the pages of her New Adult novels with deep emotions and magical settings. Her readers adore her books. Her Winter Dreams series was a phenomenal success, with each instalment spending weeks in the bestseller lists, and the first book in her eagerly anticipated new Blackwell Palace series – which takes readers to the luxurious palace hotel in snowy St Moritz, a place of glamour, intrigue and a firework display of emotions – went straight to no. 3. Her latest novel, « Whispers », not only spices things up, but there’s more at stake – with risky online dares and plenty of intrigue at an elite college, as she takes her readers on a thrilling, pulse-quickening ride.

DAS HAUS KÖLLN d’Elke Becker

The women of the famous oatmeal dynasty have been fighting for more than half a century – for their lives, and for happiness.

(The Family Kölln Trilogy)
by Elke Becker
Heyne, 2024

Book 1: GLÄNZENDE ZEITEN (Golden Age, January 2024)

North Germany, 1886: The life of Charlotte Kölln’s husband is tragically cut short by an accident at work. There is no time for Charlotte to grieve, though, because the gristmill has to keep grinding, otherwise her family will face ruin. As a woman, Charlotte can neither get credit nor officially run the business, but she doesn’t let that stop her. When her eldest son announces that he plans to marry one of the workers, Bertha, Charlotte isn’t pleased. She is worried about her family’s status, which she wants to preserve at all costs. The two headstrong women must find a way to get along – and in the process realise that they can do anything, so long as they stick together.

Book 2: GROSSE HOFFNUNG (A New Hope, April 2024)

The sequel to the exciting family saga about the legendary oatmeal dynasty.

Northern Germany, 1912. Bertha Kölln’s new breakfast oatmeal is a huge success, and her family is working tirelessly to increase production. But then the Great War arrives in the sleepy little town near Hamburg, and the Kölln family, too, is affected. But they refuse to be broken, either by the war or by several accidents that have occurred in the mill. When Bertha’s son Peter marries the young bohemian Else Voormann, the couple don’t have it easy: Peter doesn’t understand confident, decisive Else – and Else for her part doesn’t trust her husband, who is spending far too much time with a pretty seamstress. Once again, two very different women must decide: will they fight each other, or stick together?

Elke Becker yearned for the sea and adventure, and travelled all over the world before settling down on Mallorca in 2005. The idea to write about the real-life Kölln family came to her over breakfast one day, as she was eating a bowl of the famous Kölln oatmeal; so she set off on a research trip to northern Germany, a beautiful place which has always been dear to her heart.

KAISERWALD d’Anja Jonuleit

A gripping novel about a young woman’s search for the truth behind her mother’s death that leads her deep into the sinister circles of right-wing nationalists.

The Kaiserwald Duology, Book 1
by Anja Jonuleit
Penguin, February 2024

Your mother has disappeared.’ That’s all he said, while a series of emotions crossed his face: disbelief, shock, and finally that fear. That’s what I remember most: the fear, which now haunted the world like a genie released from its bottle. St John’s Eve, 1997: 15-year-old Alise is found unconscious on the shores of Lake Kisezers in Riga. Easter 1998: Rebecca Maywald, a teacher at the German School in Riga, disappears without a trace. She leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter, who is convinced she’ll find her mother again some day. The years that follow are years of uncertainty – and then an anonymous letter changes everything. Berlin, 2023: Ex-mountain trooper Mathilda intentionally crashes her car in order to meet Falk von Prokhoff, scion of a distinguished diplomatic family. Mathilda desperately wants to break into their inner circle – but her motives are as yet unclear. Little does she suspect that she’ll end up falling in love with Falk… and so begins a dangerous game of false identities, unsolved crimes and nefarious far-right political schemes… For readers of Donna Tartt, Alena Schröder and Trude Teige.

Anja Jonuleit, born in 1965, grew up on Lake Constance and spent a few years working for the German Embassy in Rome. After a secondment at the Embassy in Damascus, she studied Italian and English at the SDI in Munich. Back on Lake Constance, she worked as a freelance translator and court interpreter before becoming a full-time writer in 2007. Her books are immensely popular and regular bestsellers. She tackles the big topics of our time with great sensitivity and insight, telling stories of dysfunctional families and relationships, toxic social structures, and threats against which it’s hard to protect ourselves and those around us. Following « Herbstvergessene », « Der Apfelsammler », « Rabenfrauen », « Das letzte Bild » and other novels, she has now written a panoramic two-book family drama (« Kaiserwald », out in Spring 2024, and « Solstice », out in Autumn 2024).