A WOLF IN THE SUN de Coltrane Seesequasis

A WOLF IN THE SUN, the first book in a proposed series of four, is a fast-paced, fantasy adventure novel written by a highly talented Indigenous writer of Cree descent. The middle-grade book is set in a fantastical world in which humans (The Forgotten Ones) are extinct and many animals are now sentient…

by Coltrane Seesequasis
Kegedonce Press, TBA
(via The Rights Factory)

Silversong is a lowly member of the Whistle Wind pack of wolves, all can manipulate wind and air as a defense mechanism or weapon. Other packs of the Four Territories can manipulate other elements like water, fire and earth. All live under the Wolven Code, a hierarchical system with a strict code of conduct. Any wolf who breaks the Wolven Code is banished to the Furtherlands, a corrupted land where outcast wolves are led by an enigmatic wolf called the Heretic.

In the story, Silversong wishes to prove himself after a devastating attack on his pack but gets caught up in a battle against a great enemy and in a quest for find an artifact that could benefit or destroy his world. Fans of the Erin Hunter’s work (Warriors, Seekers, Bravelands, etc.), The Wings of Fire series and Avatar The Last Airbender will find much to love in Silversong’s quest and the colorful cast of characters.

Coltrane Seesequasis is a young fantasy writer of Indigenous (Cree) heritage. Inspired by his love for nature as well as myths and folklore that challenge the limits of creativity, Coltrane is ready to join a new generation of writers and add his voice to the immersive genre of fantasy.

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