MIND YOUR BODY de Nicole Sachs

Chronicling her clinical work and associated research, Sachs reveals how uncovering and understanding the puzzle of your mind can transform your physical health.

Understand and Master the Tools to Release Chronic Pain and Anxiety
by Nicole Sachs
Tarcher, March 2025
(via David Black Literary)

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW

In MIND YOUR BODY, Sachs will teach readers about Mindbody medicine and how to turn inwards using her JournalSpeak practice, which has helped countless people around the world better understand their inner workings and experience striking mental, emotional, and physical healing. Sachs knows that the answer to much of the chronic pain debacle resides in understanding that a person’s stress, repressed emotions, unresolved trauma, and smaller daily frustrations are causing nervous system dysregulation. The solution lies in rewiring the brain and nervous system’s misguided reflex to protect us with pain and syndromes. Through personal storytelling and patient case studies, Sachs chronicles how her prescription of JournalSpeak, mindset management, and self-affirming meditation has transformed her life and the lives of her many clients and retreat participants.

Psychotherapist Nicole J. Sachs was mentored by and worked alongside the late bestselling author and founder of Mindbody medicine, Dr. John Sarno. His daughter Christina Sarno Horner, LMHC says of Sachs, “After years working alongside my father, Dr. John Sarno, Nicole Sachs’s approach to chronic pain is the truest and most accessible evolution of Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) treatment. Her work captures the essential components for healing.”

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