Music, art, and magic meet in this spellbinding tale about a young witch recruited to a mysterious coven that draws its powers from the stars. When the coven discovers there is an imposter among them, she must help find and stop them.

The Observatory Series, Book 1
by Dimitri Balcaen
ReadMore Publishing, April 2023
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

Seren has enjoyed her cozy life by the sea with her Granny Calloway, until the day she is whisked away to the mysterious Observatory to join the coven of eighty-eight witches who help protect the universe, along with members of the Zodiac.

There must always be that eighty-eight witches at the Observatory in order to keep the balance of the magic. But when there suddenly turns out to be one witch too many at the initiation, the search begins for who among them is the one who doesn’t belong.

Seren and her new friends take it up on themselves to solve the mystery of who the intruder is and what her purpose might be. Is this mysterious false witch here to bring down the Observatory? Is she responsible for the growing disappearances of the members of the Zodiac?

As Seren develops her magical powers, she will uncover more secrets about the Observatory than she ever imagined.

Books 2-4 under contract.

Dimitri Balcaen has written several books for Readmore, including the Grimoire series and the Peter & Pan series, amongst others.

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