NOT ABOUT A BOY de Myah Hollis

A girl struggling with a traumatic past and a new relationship has her life turned on its head when a twin she has no memory contacts her out of the blue. For fans of Skins and Girl in Pieces.

by Myah Hollis
HarperCollins/Clarion, July 2024
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

Amélie Coeur has never known what it truly means to be happy.

She thought she’d found happiness once, in a love that ended in tragedy and nearly sent her over the edge. Now, at seventeen, Mel is beginning to piece her life back together. Under the supervision of Laurelle Child Services, the exclusive foster care agency that raised her, Mel is sober and living with a new family among Manhattan’s elite. It’s her last chance at adoption before she ages out of the system, and she promised, this time, she’ll try.

But a casual relationship with a boy is turning into something she never intended for it to be, causing small cracks in her carefully constructed walls. Then the sister she has no memory of contacts Mel, unearthing complicated feelings about the past and what could have been.

As the anniversary of the worst day of her life approaches, Mel must weather the rising tides of grief and depression before she loses herself, and those close to her, all over again.

« Beautiful, raw, poignant. NOT ABOUT A BOY is a searing debut full of humor, heart, and the expansive range of emotions that rage within us all. Read this book to remember why feelings come first. Myah Hollis is a breath of fresh air. » — Danielle Parker, author of You Bet Your Heart

« NOT ABOUT A BOY feels like a good cry with your best friend. Heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful, Myah Hollis’s writing is a breath of fresh air in the YA space. » — Elise Bryant, author of  Happily Ever Afters

« Myah Hollis is a superb new talent who captures Amélie’s story with honesty, wit, and heartrending prose. Not About A Boy explores overcoming our inner and outer demons with precise finesse, Hollis’s pen as sharp as an exacto knife. This book will live in your bones as an unforgettable masterclass on the teen mind, mental health, and found family. Hollis is a talent for the ages. » — Lane Clarke, author of Love Times Infinity

Myah Hollis is a Pennsylvanian writer living in Los Angeles. She specializes in “Sad Girl Lit”, mainly due to her chronic fascination with psychology. NOT ABOUT A BOY is her debut novel.

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