From renowned career coach Brooke Taylor, a guidebook for high-achieving women to break the link between success and self-worth, helping them to achieve success in their careers and improve their relationships with themselves.

The Overachiever’s Guide from Breakdown to Breakthrough
by Brooke Taylor
Hachette Books, Fall 2025
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

Too many women depend on external approval to define their self worth. While that desire might initially drive people to high-performing jobs, it secretly sabotages their chances of the fulfilling life and career they desire. Brooke Taylor has transformed the lives of more than 5,000 high-achieving women in business by healing what she calls “the success wound” – the pain that comes from a person’s mistaking success for her self-worth.

Working with high-level executives at companies like Uber, Microsoft, and Google, Brooke’s advice has helped clients land promotions, advance into leadership roles, negotiate raises, and start businesses with millions of dollars in funding.

But Brooke’s process doesn’t just lead to career success. By helping women find self-worth outside of their career, she also helps to heal crippling burnout, alleviate chronic anxiety, increase confidence and self-assurance, and create healthy new habits that clients actually stick to.

Brooke’s five-step process to help women succeed in their careers and in their relationships with themselves is proven. Now, in her first book, she’ll share that process with women around the globe – showing them how to separate self-worth from success, without having to sacrifice.

Brooke Taylor is a Career Coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and former Marketing Lead at Google. In the crowded space of career coaching, she has distinguished herself as an expert in helping transform the lives and careers of over 5,000 high-achieving female leaders at companies like Google, Uber, Coinbase, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and Salesforce through healing their success wound. She has been featured across global media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, and Marie Claire, and she frequently speaks at events for Fortune 500 companies.

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