A romantasy series full of forbidden magic, impossible love, hot damaged men, and a sorceress in disguise who must expose a dangerous conspiracy brewing at the royal college.

by Eva Chase
Ink Spark Press, 2023 – 2024
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

THIEF OF SILVER AND SOULS (Book 1 – September 2023)

What if it takes a monster to save a kingdom?

I’ll never forget the sight of my little sister’s lifeless body—or that my rogue magic killed her.

Sorcery like mine is punishable by death. So I live in the shadows, stealing from the corrupt to give to the needy. Maybe a little good can wash the blood from my hands.

It seems like a decent plan… until I try to help a dying noblewoman and somehow steal her soul instead.

Now her ghost is demanding I take up the quest that got her killed: exposing a conspiracy at the royal college to unleash a deadly power on the entire kingdom.

Do I want to infiltrate the cutthroat world of haughty elites? Gods, no. But if I can save the kingdom, I could save my own soul too.

So I’ll pose as a refined lady, attending their classes and fancy balls, sneaking and spying like I learned on the streets. But I can’t tackle this threat alone. I’ll need to win the trust of the dead woman’s allies: four arrogant noblemen.

Four damaged yet dangerously enticing men. No matter what they stir in my heart, I can’t afford to let them get too close.

Because if they discover the monstrous things I’m capable of, saving my soul will be the least of my worries…

GAME OF DEATH AND DESIRE (Book 2 – December 2023)

To prove I’m not a monster, I have to play a monstrous game.

The men I’m falling for have discovered my horrific secret. Only the intervention of a god has saved me and my forbidden magic from the gallows… for now.

We’ve barely scraped the surface of the brutal conspiracy lurking at the royal college, and the threat looms ever larger. To get to the root of the evil and destroy it, we’ll have to infiltrate it at its source.

And I’m the only viable new recruit.

So I’ll play a dangerous game, courting the favor of cold-blooded murderers while dallying with noblemen who don’t know whether to revile or desire me.

But the deeper I’m drawn into the darkness, the more I wonder if there’s any way for me to truly win…

SECRETS OF GRAVES AND GOLD (Book 3 – March 2024)

Will my magic save the realm… or drive me into madness?

In the wake of an uprising of illicit sorcery, my men and I find ourselves on the run—determined to clear our names by protecting the kingdom.

But to face off against the psychopaths who want to remake our country into a realm of chaos and brutality, I’ll need to tap into my wild magic. And the god who’s watched over me expects me to stand on my own now.

If I can’t overcome the odds against us, the lives of the men I love are forfeit. But how far can I go without becoming what I’ve feared most?

LADY OF DOOM AND DEVOTION (Book 4 – Fall 2024)

We can’t let the wild win.

Despite everything I’ve done, my kingdom is falling apart. To overturn the murderous sorcerers determined to remake the realm into something wild and cruel, we must rely an unexpected heir to the throne.

But the first fault lines started dividing our country centuries ago. We can’t reach toward the past for absolution.

The men I love and the allies we’ve gathered will have to build a new future. And I’d sacrifice anything to know I’ve finally set things right… even my hard-won happiness.

It’s time to find out whether I’m worthy of staying in this world I’ve fought so desperately to save.

Eva Chase is an Amazon top 100 bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She grew up on a steady diet of magic, mayhem, and romantic angst, and brings plenty of all three to her stories. But no need to fear the dreaded love triangle—Eva’s heroines never have to choose.

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