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For fans of Lily King’s Writers & Lovers comes a captivating debut novel about the complexities of love and the unpredictable bonds that change our lives.

by Ava Bellows
‎ HarperCollins Canada, May 2022

Maggie Hoyt is a quick-witted, house-sitting LA actress who’s dated one too many DJs. One night, while still grieving the death of her ex-boyfriend, she meets Rob, a charming tattoo artist who makes her feel like her best self—a feeling she hasn’t experienced in a long time. Their attraction for one another is electrifying and instantaneous. There’s just one problem: he’s married. Their precarious relationship forces Maggie to confront the love she’s been looking for, the guilt she’s been harboring, the grief she’s been hiding, and the woman she wants to be.
ALL I STOLE FROM YOU is a fresh portrait of the pivotal relationships in our lives: with our romantic partners, our friends, family, and ourselves.

Writing with wit, grace and perspicacity, Bellows magnificently captures what it is to fall in love…and the mess it so often causes. An extraordinary debut novel.” —Emma Thompson

Ava Bellows was raised between Los Angeles and Denman Island, B.C., and now lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Sally, but sometimes she pretends she lives with Lorde, Florence Pugh, Molly Baz, Stevie Nicks, and Zoe Kravitz, just because it’s fun to imagine what that life would look like.