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For fans of Lily King’s Writers & Lovers comes a captivating debut novel about the complexities of love and the unpredictable bonds that change our lives.

by Ava Bellows
‎ HarperCollins Canada, May 2022

Maggie Hoyt is a quick-witted, house-sitting LA actress who’s dated one too many DJs. One night, while still grieving the death of her ex-boyfriend, she meets Rob, a charming tattoo artist who makes her feel like her best self—a feeling she hasn’t experienced in a long time. Their attraction for one another is electrifying and instantaneous. There’s just one problem: he’s married. Their precarious relationship forces Maggie to confront the love she’s been looking for, the guilt she’s been harboring, the grief she’s been hiding, and the woman she wants to be.
ALL I STOLE FROM YOU is a fresh portrait of the pivotal relationships in our lives: with our romantic partners, our friends, family, and ourselves.

Writing with wit, grace and perspicacity, Bellows magnificently captures what it is to fall in love…and the mess it so often causes. An extraordinary debut novel.” —Emma Thompson

Ava Bellows was raised between Los Angeles and Denman Island, B.C., and now lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Sally, but sometimes she pretends she lives with Lorde, Florence Pugh, Molly Baz, Stevie Nicks, and Zoe Kravitz, just because it’s fun to imagine what that life would look like.


An enchanting and spirited historical novel about the language of flowers and the supernatural power of love.

by Jeanette Lynes
HarperCollins Canada, June 2022

Belleville 1860: Lavender Fitch is a twenty-eightyear-old spinster, whose station in life is diminished after the death of her father, the local apothecary. Her only inheritance is the family house along with its extensive gardens. To make ends meet, Lavender resorts to selling flowers at the local market.
Then, one day, a glamorous couple step off the train at the railway station. The lady is famed Spirit Medium, Allegra Trout, who casts a spell over the town with her striking beauty and otherworldly charms. Her handsome but disfigured assistant, Robert, singles out Lavender and buys her entire cart of flowers.
The arrival of the legendary Medium is well-timed. Lavender has been searching for a secret cache of money and requires Allegra’s help to contact her dead mother for clues to its hidden location. As the town’s anticipation for Allegra’s final show begins to mount, so do Lavender’s questions. Will the spirits make contact, or is Allegra a fraud? Is Robert really Allegra’s brother, or is something else going on? Will Robert and Lavender’s relationship continue to blossom or collapse under the weight of deception? Will Lavender find the money left by her mother or be forced from her home and beloved garden?

Jeanette Lynes is the author of seven collections of poetry and two novels. Her first, The Factory Voice (2009), was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize. Jeanette directs the MFA in Writing program at the University of Saskatchewan. 

THE OPPORTUNIST d’Elyse Friedman

For fans of the HBO hit series Succession.

by Elyse Friedman
HarperCollins Canada, December 2022

When Alana Shropshire hears from her brothers, Teddy and Martin, complaining about Kelly, the 28-year-old “gold-digger” their 76-year-old father has taken up with, she ignores them. A single mom with a disabled daughter, Alana has more important things on her mind and has long since left her dysfunctional family behind. But her brothers persist, and eventually, she relents. In exchange for sorely needed payment, Alana flies to her father’s private island retreat to perform one tiny task in Teddy and Martin’s simple plan to make the gold-digger go away.
But when Kelly proves a lot wilier than expected, Alana is entangled in an increasingly dangerous scheme full of twists, turns, secrets and surprises. She has long viewed her brothers as callous sycophants who sacrificed their integrity and freedom for a share of their father’s fortune. But what more are they capable of, and how far will they go to retain control?
Is Kelly really an opportunist? Or is it Alana’s father, an exploitative businessman with more than a few skeletons in the closet? Or perhaps it’s Teddy and Martin, who will do anything to secure their piece of the pie.

Elyse Friedman is a critically acclaimed author, screenwriter, poet and playwright