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The female heirs of two opposing families must duel to rule the land for the next generation in this dazzling fantasy adventure debut!

(Feast and Famine, Book 1)
by Carina Finn
Sourcebooks Fire, February 2025

Merriment Feast’s life is one constant party, complete with dazzling gowns and delicious pastries. Well, except for her aunt’s physically grueling training. Merri believes it’s her responsibility to protect her family’s traditions and the power they’ve held for generations.

Rue Famine knows that only Feasts benefit from Feast rule. As the heir of House Famine, she spends her days studying potion-making in an enormous, dusty library and learning how to use her magic to help others.

Custom dictates that the heirs of Feast and Famine must duel on their thirteenth birthday. Only one family can rule the land of Fauret, and Merri and Rue have been raised as rivals. But as the contest draws near and dangers escalate, their true enemy may be a shared one.

Carina Finn is a food-obsessed writer, editor, and content creator. She has written for numerous publications including Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Food Network Magazine, Eater, Bustle, and others. THE LAST GREAT HEIR is her debut middle-grade novel. She splits her time between Brooklyn and upstate New York, and loves sharing her adventures in cooking, eating, and writing on social media. Find her everywhere on the internet at @sheneedsasnack.