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FLORA’S WISH de Fiona Halliday

A picture book about friendship and loss, in which a shy little mouse learns about bravery after her dandelion friend fades and departs, leaving behind only wishes.

by Fiona Halliday
Dial/ Penguin Young Readers, August 2023

Flora the field mouse was a boldly whiskered liontamer! Although it wasn’t very hard to be bold and brave with her best friend Lion (a dandelion) by her side. But as the seasons change, Lion’s whiskers go from a bright yellow to shimmering silver, until one day, he scatters in the wind completely. Can Flora still be brave without Lion by her side?

Fiona Halliday loves all things finned, furred, feathered and fantastical. She studied English Literature at Edinburgh University and received a MA in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster, London. She has been a freelance journalist and photographer, an ESL teacher, and an organist. Originally from Scotland, she now lives in Austria.