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Rowan will  have to fight forces both within and without the library to keep from mosing everything she holds dear.

by Jenny Lundquist
Holiday House, April 2025
(via KT Literary)

After being expelled from her boarding school, eleven-year-old Rowan Fitzgerald travels to Fitzgerald Manor – a wondrous estate she never knew her family owned – to live with her secretive, estranged grandfather, only to discover that the library he runs is filled not with books, but magical objects called curiosities. Rowan loves everything about the library: its collection of enchanted objects, its quirky patrons, and the whimsical carousel café where she hangs out with her new friends.

When curiosities start disappearing and suspicion falls upon Rowan, she sets out to clear her name before her grandfather sends her away again. In the course of her investigations, she discovers her family and their arch-enemy have been engaged in a centuries-long feud to recover a powerful curiosity called the Everheart, a magical obkect that can spin the user forward in time. Little does Rowan know, the Everheart is closer to her than she could ever imagine.

Jenny Lundquist is the author of eigh middle grade and young adult books including THE LIBRARY OF CURIOSITIES, Seeing Cinderella, The Charming Life of Izzy Malone, as well as The Princess in the Opal Mask.