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THE STACEY CASEY SERIES de Michael C. Madden & Nancy Bevington

A fast moving, action packed educational adventure series, which (thanks to Stacey’s scientist father’s slightly dodgy time machine in basement) sees 12 year old Stacey and friends travelling through time and place, meeting international figures such as the Queen, George Washington, Joan of Arc, and exploring the Lost City of Atlantis and the Australian Outback, and finding themselves in some sticky universe-threatening situations!

by Michael C. Madden
illustrated by Nancy Bevington
Big Sky Publishing (Australia), December 2022
(via Emily Randle Literary)

Stacey Casey is a fun and adventurous middle grade series that will take kids on a wild ride into the past. On their journey, readers will discover surprising and sometimes hidden and fascinating historical facts. Stacey and her friend Oliver travel back in time where they encounter villains, heroes, tantalising mysteries and intriguing adventures that will keep kids guessing. The Stacey Casey series is a wonderful combination of time travel, friendship, courage, science, history and mystery all wrapped up in one.


Stacey Casey’s father is a terrible inventor. But now, despite years of failed inventions, he has created a functioning time machine. Well…kind of! Instead of sending him back in time, he turns their entire house into a time machine, transporting everyone and everything in it. Stacey and her friend Oliver find themselves in 1965 faced with a series of extraordinary events. They find a bizarre artifact and encounter a strange man who seems to know Stacey … but why is he chasing them? Who set the school on fire? And what’s with all the famous people they keep meeting? Can the friends solve the string of unanswered questions and find their way home?


Stacey, Oliver and Mr Casey are 100 million years in the past looking at dinosaurs. They are chased by a lightning claw and escape by an emergency jump back to 2022. Now they have two problems, a stowaway baby cooperenis and a damaged time machine! To fix it they travel back in time to 1880s Australia where they find themselves faced with outlaws, explorers and a mystery that could destroy the universe.

Michael C. Madden is an author and photographer. He is the founder and host of the podcast, Australia Remembers and has published a number of fiction and non-fiction titles, including The Victoria Cross – Australia Remembers. Michael had a simple childhood growing up with his three brothers on the family’s struggling dairy farm in Gippsland, Victoria. He has authored four fiction novels and many short stories.

Nancy Bevington is a talented illustrator who has worked extensively in the publishing industry and illustrated some beautiful and award-winning books including recent publications the 1-10 and Back Again series and I Wonder. Her popular children’s book series Zen Tails has sold worldwide.