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BEYOND YEAR ZERO de Lawrence Held

A troubled Australian journalist undertakes an odyssey into the heart of Cambodian darkness that will destroy the life of everyone he encounters – and his own …

by Lawrence Held
‎Big Sky (Australia), August 2022

Carl Meissner is a 32-year-old unemployed journalist who was fired over his reporting of a paedophile scandal involving a prominent Sydney judge, and is hired by Joe Goldman, a rich currency trader/property developer, to find his missing twin brother, whom a private detective has traced to Cambodia.
is the story of Carl’s journey into the dark heart of Cambodia – and simultaneously into himself – along the way becoming entangled in the lives of the mysterious ‘Bible Bill’ Butt and the two beautiful Eurasian sisters, Bopha and Dara, and being forced to confront Cambodia’s dark underworld of child pornography, trafficking in human body parts, personal and political corruption, cannibalism, incest, lust and drugs. Having got himself into this seething milieu, where the only certainties are cruelty and violence, Carl then has to get himself out …

Lawrence Held trained at the ‘Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art’ (London), worked in theatre and television in the UK and Europe, presented a ninepart series for the BBC, acted in Waiting for Godot and Endgame, developed scripts for ‘Film Victoria’ and published Once A Jolly Swagperson (Pan Macmillan).

DEATH ROW AT TRURO de Geoff Plunkett

Seven women murdered … two depraved men … seven short weeks. The shocking and tragic story of Australia’s 1976-77 Truro murders, the worst serial sexual homicide crime in the country, told for the first time with the full cooperation of the relentless lead detective.

The Shocking True Story of Australia’s Deadliest Sex Killers
by Geoff Plunkett
Big Sky (Australia), August 2022
(via Emily Randle Literary)

Australia’s most prolific serial sexual killers met in prison. They were a complete contrast: Christopher Worrell, the charismatic youngster; and James Miller, the older and socially awkward loner. For Miller, it was love at first sight. They developed an ominous bond – proving that opposites can attract – and then kill. The tag team were inseparable, working, socialising and killing together – slaying as many people as the notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. James Miller said it was all his mate’s doing. He and Worrell often picked up girls off the street. Miller drove them to a discreet location, where Worrell and the women had consensual sex. Miller pleased his lover and the women had sex with an attractive and charismatic man. It was fun all round. But then it all went wrong. On 23 December 1976, they picked up Veronica Knight. Worrell went satanic, killing her without warning. And then it happened again and again, six more times. There was nothing Miller could do. He claimed he was victim number eight. Miller lied. Using the latest research into serial sexual homicide, the truth of the murder spree and the offenders’ motives are finally revealed.

Geoff Plunkett is a researcher and historian at the Department of Defence, Australia. He has been researching Australia’s chemical-warfare history for over twenty years and is the author of Chemical Warfare in Australia and Chemical Warfare Agent Sea Dumping off Australia, both published by the Department of Defence. His research has led to the unearthing of hundreds of lethal phosgene bombs at the old chemical-warfare headquarters at Marrangaroo. Other books include Death by Mustard Gas and Let the Bums Burn.

THE STACEY CASEY SERIES de Michael C. Madden & Nancy Bevington

A fast moving, action packed educational adventure series, which (thanks to Stacey’s scientist father’s slightly dodgy time machine in basement) sees 12 year old Stacey and friends travelling through time and place, meeting international figures such as the Queen, George Washington, Joan of Arc, and exploring the Lost City of Atlantis and the Australian Outback, and finding themselves in some sticky universe-threatening situations!

by Michael C. Madden
illustrated by Nancy Bevington
Big Sky Publishing (Australia), December 2022
(via Emily Randle Literary)

Stacey Casey is a fun and adventurous middle grade series that will take kids on a wild ride into the past. On their journey, readers will discover surprising and sometimes hidden and fascinating historical facts. Stacey and her friend Oliver travel back in time where they encounter villains, heroes, tantalising mysteries and intriguing adventures that will keep kids guessing. The Stacey Casey series is a wonderful combination of time travel, friendship, courage, science, history and mystery all wrapped up in one.


Stacey Casey’s father is a terrible inventor. But now, despite years of failed inventions, he has created a functioning time machine. Well…kind of! Instead of sending him back in time, he turns their entire house into a time machine, transporting everyone and everything in it. Stacey and her friend Oliver find themselves in 1965 faced with a series of extraordinary events. They find a bizarre artifact and encounter a strange man who seems to know Stacey … but why is he chasing them? Who set the school on fire? And what’s with all the famous people they keep meeting? Can the friends solve the string of unanswered questions and find their way home?


Stacey, Oliver and Mr Casey are 100 million years in the past looking at dinosaurs. They are chased by a lightning claw and escape by an emergency jump back to 2022. Now they have two problems, a stowaway baby cooperenis and a damaged time machine! To fix it they travel back in time to 1880s Australia where they find themselves faced with outlaws, explorers and a mystery that could destroy the universe.

Michael C. Madden is an author and photographer. He is the founder and host of the podcast, Australia Remembers and has published a number of fiction and non-fiction titles, including The Victoria Cross – Australia Remembers. Michael had a simple childhood growing up with his three brothers on the family’s struggling dairy farm in Gippsland, Victoria. He has authored four fiction novels and many short stories.

Nancy Bevington is a talented illustrator who has worked extensively in the publishing industry and illustrated some beautiful and award-winning books including recent publications the 1-10 and Back Again series and I Wonder. Her popular children’s book series Zen Tails has sold worldwide.

BRIMSTONE de Russel Hutchings

How far would you go to protect your country?
Jason Bourne meets Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy meets Sicario.” – Graeme Coleman, executive producer

BRIMSTONE: A Mantra 6 Thriller
by Russel Hutchings
Big Sky (Australia), December 2021
(via Randle Editorial)

John Devereaux, an SAS Warrant Officer, is seconded to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and handed a mission that will test him to his very core – both professionally and personally. The operationally deniable mission: infiltrate into Cambodia via parachute in the dead of night and assassinate two high-value targets, alone, and with two dozen enemy soldiers in his way. From the relentless jungles of Cambodia to the chaotic civilian-filled streets of Sydney and Bangkok, to the secretive dens of Moscow and the extravagant French Riviera, explosive SAS and ASIS action uncovers a shadowy and powerful organisation that brings us face to face with the Russian Mafia, and an assassin getting intimate. Unbeknown to Devereaux, the Director-General of the Secret Intelligence Service, Magnus Webb, is testing him for a far more important role – to head an off-the-books clandestine cell buried deep inside this secret organisation and known only as MANTRA-6. Devereaux’s mission has only just begun …
The writing is direct, engrossing and thundering along at breakneck speed, much like its lead protagonist, for fans of Chris Ryan, Andy McNab, Robert Ludlum and classic James Bond style espionage.
Despite the book not being released yet, there is already a feature film in development, with director Storm Ashwood and producers Brenden Hill (former Dreamworks – Instinct) and David Perkins (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) already attached.

Born in Perth, Russel Hutchings is a former SAS Warrant Officer with over 20 years of service in the Regiment. He has operated in many of the world’s troubled areas and most recently performed a role as a military advisor to a US based company operating in Afghanistan. He draws on decades of experience in the world’s most terrifying war zones, and uses his experience of collecting intelligence for national security to write an authentic and high octane trilogy, Mantra 6.


A brilliant dual narrative, historical crime fiction title inspired by a true unsolved murder case, asking questions about integrity, identity and if there is such a thing as ‘the right side’ in the fog of war.This novel has all the rich detail needed for enthralling historical fiction, with a fascinating mystery at its heart, culminating in a heartracing twist.

by Eddie Russell
Big Sky (Australia), October 2021
(via Randle Editorial)

In the early hours of Christmas morning in 1986, the body of an older woman was discovered inside a wheelie bin in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. There were no clues and no suspects. After an extensive investigation, the police admitted defeat and filed it as a cold case. It is a case that taunts them still. Eddie Russell’s debut conjures a plausible motive to this strange crime in this artfully wrought, page-turning story which takes the reader from Utrecht to Berlin, to Auschwitz, and finally, to a sleepy neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia.
Autumn, 1986. Ruth, a Jewish woman in her later years, is grieving the death of her husband. His old friend, a widowed neighbour called Sam, offers her comfort. But Ruth feels there is something off about Sam. Whatever story he’s peddling, she doesn’t buy it. She’s determined to uncover the truth about how he came to find himself in Sydney and where his real loyalties lie.
Winter 1941. Two young girls living under the tyranny of a brutal and dictatorial Nazi regime experience a fateful twist, leading one to escape to freedom and the other to be subjected to incarceration in a concentration camp, and how she got there is buried in the depths of her memory. But remembering is key. Somebody is responsible for her ending up in the depths of hell. And, if she survives, she will make that person pay if it’s the last thing she does…
In an extraordinary story of hidden identity, revenge and deception, THE MADNESS LOCKER is a chilling reminder that the truth will always catch up with you someday.

Eddie Russell has a degree in English literature and Masters in Creative writing. Born and raised in the then English colony of East Africa to English parents, he immigrated to Australia to complete his schooling before moving to San Diego to work in technology. He is now settled back in Australia with his life partner and following his passion to write. THE MADNESS LOCKER is his first novel. You can watch Eddie introduce the novel here.