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A SHORT LIFE de Nicky Greenwall

Two seemingly unrelated car accidents. The same night. The same stretch of twistng valley road.

by Nicky Greenwall
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2024
(via The Lennon-Ritchie Agency)

Nick’s best friend Adam has had an accident while drunk driving. Nick wants to protect him from prosecution and must convincehis wife Franky to keep the car crash a secret. But when Franky learns that her best friend was killed on the same night in aseparate accident, she is torn between supporting her husband or her best friend’s widower. Set in Cape Town, the pacy, twistythriller is told from multiple perspectives. For fans of Liane Moriarty’s; Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies; HarrietLane’s Her; and Liz Feldman’s hit Netlix series Dead to Me.

Nicky Greenwall is a former broadcaster, entertainment journalist and television producer. Her multi-award-nominated documentary series The Beautiful People – which tracks the lives of a group of foreign fashion models working in Cape Town – has now sold in the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, The Middle East and Africa. As a print journalist Nicky has contributed to Elle, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Glamour, Good Taste and The Sunday Times. A SHORT LIFE is her debut novel. She lives in Cape Town with her husband Robin Fryer, and their two children – Georgie and Riley.