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Two brave young sleuths connected to one of the greatest detectives of all time tackle their own cases in these eleven whodunits.

by Ellery Queen
Open Road Media, 1941-1966; 2015
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For mystery fans, the name Ellery Queen brings to mind the sophisticated amateur sleuth who helped solve some of New York City’s most confounding cases. But he wasn’t the only one in his household with an eye for crime solving.
Here are eleven puzzling mysteries, nine solved by Djuna, the Queen family’s quick-witted assistant, with the help of his trusty Scottie, Champ; and two solved by Gulliver Queen—the chip-off-the-old-block nephew to the legendary detective himself.

Book 1: THE BLACK DOG MYSTERY (1941/2015)

A gang of young sleuths and a trusty terrier put their noses to a bank robbers’ trail.
Ellery Queen’s young apprentice, Djuna, is preparing for an afternoon of fishing when a stranger leans out of his car window and asks for directions to Canada. A few minutes later, Djuna watches as the man’s friends come running out of the local bank and into the getaway car, guns blazing, before taking off for the Canadian border.
It is a mystery that could baffle even Djuna’s famous boss, but with the help of a ferocious black Scottie named Champ and a few crime-solving friends, he will find the culprits. It will be the greatest adventure of his life.
Ellery Queen is one of the world’s finest detectives, but his adventures are nothing compared to the Ellery Queen Jr. Mystery Stories. Join Queen’s apprentice, Djuna, and his trusty Scottie, Champ, on adventures filled with danger, suspense, and thrills.

Other books in the series:

2. The Golden Eagle Mystery
3. The Green Turtle Mystery
4. The Red Chipmunk Mystery
5. The Brown Fox Mystery
6. The White Elephant Mystery
7. The Yellow Cat Mystery
8. The Blue Herring Mystery
9. The Mystery of the Merry Magician
10. The Mystery of the Vanished Victim
11. The Purple Bird Mystery

Mystery writer and American detective extraordinaire, Ellery Queen is the creation and nom de plume of mystery writers Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee. Writing for over 40 years, the character of Ellery Queen became one of the most famous of America’s fictional detectives. Adapted for television, radio, and film, the Ellery Queen stories reached incredible heights of popularity worldwide and spawned the monthly Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, which is still going strong today.