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Série RUINOUS LOVE de Brynne Weaver

A dark romantic comedy series of interconnected stand-alone novels following the Kane brothers and the murderous women they fall for. Each novel is told in dual POV and concludes with a happy ending.

by Brynne Weaver
TBA, 2023 – 2024
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Book One: BUTCHER & BLACKBIRD (August 2023)

Every serial killer needs a friend.

Every game must have a winner.

When a chance encounter sparks an unlikely bond between rival murderers Sloane and Rowan, the two find something elusive—the friendship of a like-minded, pitch-black soul. From small town West Virginia to upscale California, from downtown Boston to rural Texas, the two hunters collide in an annual game of blood and suffering, one that pits them against the most dangerous monsters in the country.

But as their friendship develops into something more, the restless ghosts left in their wake are only a few steps behind, ready to claim more than just their newfound love.

Can Rowan and Sloane dig themselves out of a game of graves?

Or have they finally met their match?

Book Two: LEATHER & LARK (February 2024)

Every killer claims a soul.

Every phantom wants revenge.

Contract killer Lachlan Kane just wants a quieter life, to work in his leather studio and forget about the traumatic past that’s forged him into a deadly weapon. But he needs to repay an endless debt, at least until the day his boss offers him a deal: marry Lark Montague, the daughter of his most valued business partner. The only problem?

They can’t stand each other.

Indie singer-songwriter Lark is the sunshine and glitter that burns through every cloud and clings to every crevice that Lachlan tries to hide inside. A rich family, a privileged life, a dearth of responsibilities—Lark has had an easy life. At least, that’s how it seems. But Lark is on the verge of losing her security. And now it’s time to prove she can get control of her haphazard future. What better way than to marry a man who’s the exact opposite of her usual type?

As Lachlan and Lark navigate the intrigue and secrets of the hidden world that binds them together, it becomes harder to discern a fake marriage from a real one. But it’s not just familiar dangers that haunt them.

There’s another phantom lurking on their doorstep.

And this one has come for blood.

Book Three: SCYTHE & SPARROW (September 2024)

Every flight has a landing.

Every circus has a final curtain.

Doctor Fionn Kane is running from a broken heart, one he hopes to mend in small-town Nebraska far away from his former fiancé and his derailed surgical career. It’s a simpler life: head down, work hard, and absolutely no romantic relationships. He wants none of the circus he left behind in Boston.

But the Silveria Circus finds him.

Motorcycle performer Rose Evans has spent a decade on the road with Silveria, and it suits her just fine, especially when she has the urge to indulge in a little murder and mayhem when she’s not in the spotlight. But when a kill goes awry and she ends up with a broken leg, she finds herself stuck in Nebraska at the home of the adorably nerdy town doctor.

The problem is, not every broken heart can be sewn back together.

And the longer you stay in one place, the more likely your ghosts are to catch up.

Brynne Weaver has been everything from an archaeologist to a deep sea core analyst, an equestrian professional to a specialist in clinical research. She’s traveled the world, taken in more stray animals than her husband would probably prefer, and nurtured her love for both dark comedies and swoon-worthy romances. But during all those adventures, the constant thread in Brynne’s life has been writing. After self-publishing her debut book in 2021, Brynne has since carved a name for herself in the genre of dark romance with eight published works. Her most recent novel, the dark romantic comedy BUTCHER & BLACKBIRD, hit #1 in Romantic Suspense in New Releases on Amazon.

ALL ALONE by Dr. Robert Coplan

In ALL ALONE, Coplan distills over 30 years worth of psychological research on solitude into an accessible, approachable, and endlessly applicable work of popular science.

How to Improve Your Relationship with Solitude and Find Your Personal Balance
by Dr. Robert Coplan
Simon & Schuster, early 2025
(via The Whalen Agency)

ALL ALONE works against the myth that being alone is necessarily equivalent to being lonely or being antisocial, instead it argues for an understanding of solitude as a natural, necessary, and beneficial part of a healthy human life. It is a guidebook on how to approach solitude in a healthy way and how to best strike a balance between solitude and socialization at home, in the workplace, in our romantic relationships, as parents, and at different life stages.

After years of people writing passionate essays about the assumed positive value of time alone, it is only in the last few years that researchers have actually been able to produce tangible evidence of such effects. Coplan’s research has contributed to such breakthroughs in the study of solitude including:

The (somewhat paradoxical) notion that spending time alone helps our relationships with others

A preliminary finding that spending time alone on your phone can interfere with the positive impacts of solitude

The finding that children, adolescents, and adults who report that they are not getting enough solitude) tend to report heightened stress, negative moods, and symptoms of depression

And much more …

In the end, Coplan hopes that by fostering a healthy relationship with solitude, we will come to better understand ourselves, our relationships with others, and our relationship with the world around us.

As a developmental psychologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Robert Coplan is a well-established expert in the study of solitude. He has participated in interviews with The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR, Vox, Psychology Today, WebMd, and VICE among others and has co-authored five books and hundreds of academic articles on topics ranging from childhood shyness to solitude in adulthood to social withdrawal.

MARE OF NIGHT d’Emma Noyes

First of a YA fantasy romance trilogy by bestselling author of Guy’s Girl Emma Noyes, for fans of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and Norse mythology.

(Ragnarok Rising #1)
by Emma Noyes
Wednesday Books, late 2023 TBD
(via The Whalen Agency)

© Magdalena Iskra


Charlie Hudson just wants to get through junior year. Since the death of her twin sister two years before, she has drifted through life, robbed of the spark that once burned so brightly within her—until the day her first classmate goes missing. Drawn to the disappearances by forces she can’t explain, Charlie soon finds herself investigating the mysterious, alluring newcomer in town, Elias Everhart. She knows Elias is hiding something, but what she doesn’t know is that those secrets will lead her to a place she never imagined: a world hiding in plain sight, made of magic, gods, and monsters—and a first love fated to fall apart.

Book 2: LIES OF LOKI and Book 3: SINS OF ODIN to follow.

Emma Noyes told her mother she wanted to be an author when she was six. She grew up in a suburb outside Chicago and attended Harvard University, where she studied history & literature. She started her career at a beer company, but left because she wanted to write about mermaids and witches—eventually publishing her first YA fantasy series, The Sunken City. She now lives in Chicago with her Swedish boyfriend and miniature Pomeranian. Guy’s Girl, her adult debut, will publish in October 2023.


« Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will be captivated by this swash buckling adventure on the high seas. A complex and rich narrative… that immerses you fully in the storytelling – a fantasy you won’t want to end! » – Kate W. J. White, author of the Caskets of Ice series

by Emma Noyes
Independently published, 2021-2022
(via The Whalen Agency)

THE SUNKEN CITY – Book 1 (published December 2021)
Amare Bellamy is not a witch. Orphaned as a child and raised on a ship by the most dangerous men in the Caribbean, Amare is one thing and one thing alone: a pirate. And pirates hate magic. After a fateful storm plunges her to the depths of the ocean, Amare wakes to find herself in a strange new world: an underwater kingdom, where magic exists, but is strictly outlawed by the King—a man who claims to be her true father. As Amare struggles to fit into her new role as Princess of the Sunken City, she finds herself tangled in a web of love between two brothers—one good, one not so good. And as strange powers manifest within her, she must question everything she was raised to believe—especially if she has any hope of stopping the evil brewing at the bottom of the ocean.

THE FALLEN WITCH – Book 2 (published April 2022)
Amare Bellamy never meant to get married. She had a simple plan: rescue the Captain, rendezvous with the crew, and escape the Sunken City. But when her father bumps up the wedding without notice, she has no choice but to comply—that is, until Lukas shows up. He presents Amare with an ultimatum: break into Skullhaven and collect the ring that could raise the Fallen Witch, or watch her friends die. She agrees, under the contingency that, once their mission is complete, they never speak again. Amare is dead set on sticking to this plan… until she finds out they must pose as a married couple to get inside Skullhaven. Cornered, she agrees to keep up the ruse until they can get the ring and get out. But what happens when their fake marriage starts to feel not so fake at all?

WAR OF SHADOWS – Book 3 (publishing December 6th, 2022)
The Fallen Witch has risen, bringing chaos back with her. The Ten Kingdoms have splintered. Amare and her friends are on the run. Tectixa is dead set on raising the oceans, wiping out all of humanity in the process. And, as if that weren’t enough, Lukas’s first love is back from the dead. Before Amare can ask what this means for their relationship, Lukas and Phoebe are stolen away, sending her into a magic-fueled rage. Now, if she wants to save the man she loves and protect the Ten Kingdoms from all-out war, she’ll have to go undercover, pretending to get close to the witch she despises most of all. Alliances will be formed, trust will be broken, and true love will be the final test.

Emma V. R. Noyes grew up in a suburb outside Chicago and attended Harvard University, where she graduated with a B.A. in history & literature. Her first series, a self-published YA fantasy trilogy titled The Sunken City (The Sunken City; Book 1 and The Fallen Witch: Book 2 – just published) – has combined sales of over 5,000 copies (only the first two books have been published). She has grown a rather large following on BookTok, with over 137,500 followers and 7 million likes, and  Instagram, with over 25,000 followers. Emma’s adult debut GUY’S GIRL will be published by Berkley in October 2023.

THE FOLDING LADY de Sophie Liard

Making her debut in 2020 and already followed by more than 3.8 million fans on TikTok, the internet sensation The Folding Lady shows everyone how to use her smart and simple home hacks and tips to fold any household item and organize difficult areas to create extra space and improve functionality in the home.

by Sophie Liard
Harper Design, April 2022
(via The Whalen Agency)

In this illustrated guide, Sophie Liard brings her expertise together and teaches you how to fold all of your household items, from boxers, leggings, and socks to sheets, towels and even napkins and wrapping paper. The Folding Lady shows you that anything is foldable and shares the inner joy that folding brings and offers extra tips on organizing drawers, desks, snack drawers, cosmetics, and more to make life a little easier and more manageable. Sophie encourages you to take charge of small, simple, and achievable tasks. Sometimes you have to let go of trying to tackle the big stuff and make the most of the little things that can be controlled. THE FOLDING LADY will bring you comfort and help you find solace amid the daily stress.

A working mother of two, Sophie Liard began her TikTok and Instagram accounts The Folding Lady to share ideas and solutions for making the most of small space living, and to help others get some control and comfort back in their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Sophie lives in Surrey, UK with her husband and two sons.