A HUNT SO WICKED de Britt Andrews

Malindo Lo’s Ash meets Kiera Cass’s The Selection in this dark romantasy in which a peasant girl is persuaded to join a competition where the royal families select brides for their sons. When she learns the royals have a more sinister plan, she must fight to survive.

(Cursed Royals #1)
by Britt Andrews
Britt Andrews Books, May 2023
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

The guards arrive at Evie’s humble cottage with an unbelievable offer: come to an exclusive and mysterious isle to compete for the hand of a royal husband.

Enjoy a week of glittering balls, dancing, ostentatious wealth…and a royal hunt. If Evie is not selected by a prince, she will still be sent home with a pot of money. Whether she marries a prince or not, Evie’s life would be changed forever.

Her father begs her not to go, warning that it could be dangerous. But Evie stubbornly continues on, determined to win for the sake of her family.

When she arrives on the Roaring Isle and meets the royals who organized the competition, she realizes there are no Prince Charmings here. These royals are powerful, toxic, and bloodthirsty.

In the dark and treacherous wilderness, they are the hunters and Evie and the other would be royal wives are the prey. Not all of them will survive a hunt so wicked. But Evie is determined that she will.

Britt Andrews is an author of Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance novels. She loves eating Mexican food, reading all the books, and living her best mom life in rural Ohio.

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