Sarah J. Maas meets Raven Kennedy in this dark fantasy romance about a human woman navigating a deadly fae court and arrogant fae noblemen vying for her heart. A TikTok sensation!

(Wild Fae Series #1)
by Kate King
Wicked Good Romance, February 2023
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

When Lonnie Skyborne’s twin sister dies attempting to assassinate the High Fae King, Lonnie kills him herself in a fit of grief and rage. In doing so, she unexpectedly becomes next in line for the throne.

But in the kingdom of Elsewhere, the heir to the throne must defend their crown in the Wilde Hunts, a series of deadly trials where anyone may hunt down the new queen without consequence.

To survive her coronation, Lonnie must bargain with the ruthless fae princes she just dethroned. Prince Scion is arrogant, violent, and guards his own dark agenda. His cousin, Prince Bael, wants to strike a sinfully tempting deal for his own purposes. And in the background, a human rebellion sees Lonnie’s ascension to the throne as a chance to overthrow the fae for good.

As the hunt begins, Lonnie must carefully guard her heart from those who wish to steal it…or worse.

Book #2 forthcoming February 2024.

USA Today and International best selling author Kate King loves sassy heroines, crazy magic, and alpha-hole heroes. An avid reader and writer from a young age, she has been telling stories her whole life. Ever a fan of the dramatic, she lives in an 18th century church with her husband and two cats, and often writes in cemeteries.

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