DAS SPIEL de Jan Beck

They hunt you down. And then they kill you.

(A Game of Life and Death)
by Jan Beck
Penguin Germany, July 2020
(chez Verlagsgruppe Random House – voir catalogue)

When someone asks Mavie about her cool glow-in-the-dark tattoo at a party, she thinks they’re joking. But then she sees it herself, in the light on the dancefloor – and panics. How did the scorpion get on her skin? Mavie has no idea that the sign makes her the target of a sinister game. Meanwhile, detectives Inga Björk and Christian Brand are investigating the case of a jogger found brutally murdered in a forest. They don’t know that this is just the beginning of a sadistic series of murders – and that the only way they can stop it is by changing sides and joining in the deadly game …

Jan Beck, born in 1975, is the pen name of a successful German-language author and former lawyer. With his action-packed debut thriller DAS SPIEL, Beck takes the reader all the way into the darkest reaches of the human soul.

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