THE DISCOVERY de Mary Chamberlain

London 1958 and Berlin 1945 – a story of love and trust, of fear and betrayal, guilt and retribution.

by Mary Chamberlain
Oneworld UK, publication date TBD
(chez Mushens Entertainment – voir catalogue)

When Betty and John meet in London at a rally for nuclear disarmament, both are living with secrets about what that war did to them. After fleeing from Germany with her father in 1945, Betty lives with her memories of the Russian occupation, a young Russian officer, and the mysterious disappearance of her sister. John too, is plagued by flashbacks to his time as a translator for the top-secret T-force which uncovered Nazi scientific secrets, and to a young German woman who was brutally murdered, and for whose murder he was framed unless he talked… As their relationship develops, their lives unfold, unravel and entwine. But when a man from the past surfaces, he threatens to reveal secrets. Secrets which will embroil them in the Cold War and threaten their very existence.

Mary Chamberlain is a historian and novelist. Her debut novel The Dressmaker of Dachau was an international bestseller and sold to 19 countries. Her highly acclaimed second novel, The Hidden was a Sunday Times Must Read choice of 2019. She is the author of six non-fiction titles including Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, the first book published by Virago Press and the inspiration behind Caryl Churchill’s award-winning play, Fen.

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