DIE NATUR AUF DER FLUCHT de Benjamin von Brackel

Nature as climate refugee – The largest global migration of species since the ice age.

(Nature on the Run)
by Benjamin von Brackel
Heyne/PRH Germany, April 2021

There is something afoot in the world of animals and plants, something which has so far caught too little attention. Wherever they can, animals and plants are moving towards the earth’s poles to flee from rising temperatures and drought in their natural habitats. Tropical zones lose their inhabitants, beavers are settling in Alaska, gigantic shoals of fish disappear just to reappear in front of foreign coastlines. Sea creatures move an average of 72 kilometres a year, land creatures an average of 17 kilometres. In this exciting and vivid book, Benjamin von Brackel describes a phenomenon which demonstrates nature’s impressive adaptability as well as the dramatic consequences of climate change – not the least for humankind, for the migration of species won’t leave us unaffected.

Benjamin von Brackel, born in 1982, graduated from the German School for Journalism in Munich and studied politics in Erlangen and Berlin. Today, he is one of the most renowned environmental journalists in Germany. He works as freelance journalist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit and Natur focussing on climate change. He co-founded the online magazine klimareporter° and was awarded the German Environmental Media Prize in 2016.

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