DIGITALE BALANCE de Christoph Koch

Less smartphone – more life!

(Digital Balance)
by Christoph Koch
Heyne/PRH Germany, March 2021

The smartphone. How could a small device have become so life-defining so quickly? Can we change this situation without having to do without too many things? Christoph Koch says, yes, we can. For many years he has been dealing with the topics of internet abstinence and online addiction. With scientifically supported findings, he explains what is behind all this. Why are apps so addicting? What is happening in the brain? Why is almost no one resistant to it? Which business models are based on this? And what do experts say? Koch’s 30-day challenge shows why it is worth reducing online consumption and how one can benefit both physically and mentally through a more aware interaction with digital media. Motivating, entertaining, easy to implement – a guide for creating a digital balance.

Christoph Koch, born in 1974, is a journalist for many respected news-papers and periodicals. Some years ago his book I Am Offline: Life without a Smartphone was many weeks on the Spiegel bestseller list. Since then he has given countless lectures on the topic of internet abstinence and online addiction, and holds interviews in radio, print, and television. Considered a digitalisation expert, he speaks at conferences and is welcome guest in podium discussions. He has received various awards for his journalistic work.

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