TALK WITH HER de Kimberly Wolf

A Dad’s Essential Guide to Raising Empowered Girls
by Kimberly Wolf
Penguin Life, May 2022

As an entrepreneur launching a girls’ health and wellness company, Kimberly Wolf found herself talking to many high-powered male investors, creatives, and advisors. But what they wanted to talk about took her by surprise. They all wanted to ask questions about their teenage daughters—what they should say to them, what they should do for them, or whether they should step aside and leave it to mom (or just wait it out).
Wolf realized dads needed real guidance, and that she could help. Daughters who have healthy communication with their dads are known to have more a more positive sense of self, better nutritional habits, and more successful careers. In TALK WITH HER, she gives dads a toolbox filled with insights into girlhood, proven communication methods, and anecdotes and advice based on interviews with more than 100 dads and daughters. More importantly, she offers straight talk about what teenage girls are going through and dozens of actionable strategies and scripts to help dads get through to their girls even if their girls won’t give them the time of day. It all adds up to a framework that will give dads the confidence they need to communicate with their daughters and raise empowered women.

Kimberly Wolf is a wellness educator and the founder of Girlmentum Labs, a web-based educational media consulting company supporting girls’ health and wellness. She is a graduate of Brown (BA, 2006, women’s studies) and Harvard (M.Ed., 2009, human development and psychology) where she worked closely with Richard Weissbourd, director of Human Development & Psychology Program.

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