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THE STAR ON THE GRAVE de Linda Margolin Royal

Inspired by the incredible true story of the Japanese diplomat who defied his government to save thousands from the Nazis.

by Linda Margolin Royal
Affirm Press (Australia), February 2024
(via DeFiore and Company)

In 1940, as the Nazis sweep toward Lithuania, Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara defies his own government and secretly issues thousands of visas to Jewish refugees desperate to flee. After the war, Sugihara is dismissed and disappears into obscurity.

In 1968 Australia, Rachael Margol, her father and her grandmother live disconnected from one another and haunted by unspoken tragedies. When Rachel announces her engagement to a Greek Orthodox man, it detonates a long-held secret. The Margols are actually the Margolins: they are Jewish, and her family has concealed their identity from her and the world. But why?

As Rachel struggles to understand this deception, an opportunity arrives to travel to Japan with her beloved grandmother to meet Sugihara, Rachel is determined to go but will a journey to Japan, and the secrets it uncovers, heal the Margolins or fracture them for good?

An extraordinary novel inspired by the true story of Sugihara, and the thousands of people – including the author – who owe him their lives. Chiune Sugihara has been called the « Japanese Schindler » and it’s estimated that 100,000 people are alive today because of him.

Linda Margolin Royal was born in Sydney, forever thankful her father and grandparents received life-saving transit visas from Chiune Sugihara in 1940, which enabled them to enter Japan and escape the Holocaust; and ultimately meant they could find a permanent, safe home in Australia in 1941. The remainder of her family were murdered in concentration camps. This work is a labor of love to which she is now devoting her life. She trained as a graphic designer and then copywriter, and spent 30 years in the advertising industry both in Australia and the US, writing TV, radio and press for major multinationals. THE STAR ON THE GRAVE is her first novel.

THE NORTH LINE de Matt Riordan

In Matt Riordan’s debut novel, a college student in need of quick money finds work on an Alaskan fishing boat in the unforgiving Bering Sea.

by Matt Riordan
Hyperion Avenue, April 2024
(via DeFiore and Company)

Even at the ragged edge of civilization, some lines should not be crossed.

Everyone believes Adam to be something he’s not. Sometimes that’s because he’s told them a story. Sometimes he’s told himself one. But when Adam joins an Alaskan fishing crew that’s promising money he desperately needs, the dangerous work and harsh lifestyle strip away all fabrications and force a dark-hearted exploration of who he really is.

On the unforgiving Bering Sea, Adam finds the adventure and authenticity of a fisherman’s life revelatory. The labor required to seize bounty from the ocean invigorates him, and the often crude comradery accompanies a welcome, hard-earned wisdom. But when a strike threatens the entire season and violence stalks the waves, Adam is thrust into a struggle for survival at the edge of the world, where evolutionary and social forces collide for outcomes beyond anyone’s control.

In his riveting debut novel, Matt Riordan pairs personal experiences with a master storyteller’s eye in a piercing examination of the quest for identity in the face of tempests within and without.

THE NORTH LINE is a ruggedly erudite story that combines the best of the individualism of Jack London with the introspective ruminations of Raymond Carver . . . not to be missed.” —S.A. Cosby, New York Times bestselling author of All the Sinners Bleed

«  THE NORTH LINE is one of those rare books that you feel as much as read. The world and its details are so real, so intimate, and so lived-in and that I had to check my fingertips for fish scales once I finished reading. » —Craig Davidson, author of Rust and Bone

Riordan is summoning demons in this grimy wilderness saga that might hit entirely too close to home for those who know. Magnificent. » —Laird Barron, author of The Wind Began to Howl

Matt Riordan grew up in Michigan but spent his early twenties working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska. After college, Matt drifted from commercial fishing through a variety of jobs before landing in law school. He then became a litigator in New York City, where he practiced for twenty years. He now lives with his family in Australia.

ONE WRONG WORD de Hank Phillippi Ryan

A heart-racing new psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling and multiple award-winning author, Hank Phillippi Ryan.

by Hank Phillippi Ryan
Forge/Macmillan, February 2024
(via DeFiore and Company)

Words have the power to change lives, and no one knows that better than crisis management expert Arden Ward. But she’s in big trouble—she’s accused of having an affair with a client. It’s not true! She would never do such a thing! But she gets the blame—and now she’s about to be fired.

Arden is granted two weeks to save her career and her reputation. And then she meets Cordelia Bannister.

Cordelia needs help for her husband Ned, a successful Boston real estate mogul. Though he was recently acquitted in a fatal drunk driving accident, his reputation has been ruined, and the fallout is devastating not only to the Bannisters’ lives, but the lives of their two young children.

Arden devotes her final days on the job to helping this shattered family, but soon, revelations about what really happened the night of the accident begin to emerge. And then—another car crash throws Ned back into the spotlight.

This case is Arden’s last chance to protect her own future and clear her name—and the Bannister kids may be in danger! But the more she tries to untangle the truth, the more one disturbing question haunts her—what if she’s protecting a killer?

Everyone believes that words can never hurt them, but Arden knows the reality. Sometimes one wrong word can kill.

USA Today bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan has won five Agatha Awards in addition to Anthony, Macavity, Daphne du Maurier, and Mary Higgins Clark Awards. As on-air investigative reporter for Boston’s WHDH-TV, she’s won 37 Emmys and many more journalism honors. A past president of National Sisters in Crime and a founder of MWA University, Ryan lives in Boston with her husband.

THE BOSS OF YOU de Jay Heinrichs

Heinrichs’ Thank You For Arguing (now in its 4th edition) is a classic backlist book in the craft of using language and rhetoric to persuade others. He is now is writing his next major book, using the same techniques to show readers how to persuade the person it’s often hardest to persuade into action—themselves.

The Art of Self-Persuasion, Tapping the Wisdom of Aristotle, Ben Franklin, and Dolly Parton
by Jay Heinrichs
Crown, January 2025
(via DeFiore and Company)

THE BOSS OF YOU will be filled with the same humorous stories and techniques that made Thank You For Arguing such a success. And once again, he will fill the book with tips on self-persuasion not only from the ancients, but from contemporary and historical iconic figures. The book will be anchored by him telling the story about how he used these techniques to convince himself to do something he had thought impossible: training his out-of-shape body to achieve an athletic feat difficult for even much younger men.

This book will find a readership among the over half-million buyers of Thank You For Arguing, as well as the market for books like Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit and Daniel Pink’s Drive—books that help readers find ways to motivate themselves to action.

Jay Heinrichs spent twenty-six years as a writer, editor, and magazine-publishing executive before becoming a full-time advocate for the lost art of rhetoric. He is Professor of the Practice of Rhetoric and Oratory at Middlebury College and lectures frequently on argument and persuasion, speaking to audiences ranging from Ivy League business students to NASA scientists to Southwest Airlines executives. He lives near Middlebury, Vermont.


From award-winning author Anne Ursu comes a dark, deeply-felt story of illness, of growing up, and of the ghosts that that lurk just beyond our sight—as well as the ones we carry with us.

by Anne Ursu
HarperCollins, January 2024
(via DeFiore and Company)

The house on Katydid Street seems to sit apart from the others, silent and alone, like it doesn’t fit among them. For Violet Hart—whose family moves into the house—little feels like it fits anymore. Like her old home, too small since her mother remarried and the new baby arrived. Or her friend group, which since middle school began is no longer enough for Violet’s best friend, Paige. But maybe, Violet tells herself, change is sometimes okay. Then Violet sees her new room.

The attic bedroom is shadowy, creaky, and wrapped in faded wallpaper covered with twisting vines and sickly flowers. After moving in, Violet falls ill, and days turn into weeks without any improvement. Her family grows more confused and her friends wonder if she’s really sick at all.

Violet finds herself more and more alone in the room with the yellow wallpaper, the shadows moving in the corners, wrapping themselves around her at night. But soon, she starts to suspect that she might not be alone in the room at all….

Anne Ursu is the author of the acclaimed novels The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy, The Lost Girl, Breadcrumbs, and The Real Boy, which was longlisted for the National Book Award. The recipient of a McKnight Fellowship Award in Children’s Literature, Anne lives in Minneapolis with her family and an ever-growing number of cats.