LEGENDS AND LIARS de Morgan Rhodes

A snarky seventeen-year-old must team up with an enigmatic criminal to cure herself of dangerous forbidden magic in the first book of a new fantasy duology from the New York Times bestselling author of the Falling Kingdoms series.

by Morgan Rhodes
Razorbill, January 2022

Josslyn Drake, former First Daughter of Ironport, doesn’t know much about magic. She only knows that it’s dangerous, rare, and completely illegal. So when she’s infected by a mysterious piece of magic confiscated from Lord Banyon, one of the most infamous criminals alive, Joss’s life turns upside down. She begins to have visions, not of the future, but of the past—Banyon’s past. All Joss wants is for things to go back to normal, but the cost for doing magic is death, and there’s nobody she can trust to help her. So when wanted criminal and blackheart Jericho Nox offers her a deal, a way to extract the magic and give it to him instead, she’s forced to accept.
Joss isn’t thrilled to be working with a blackheart, especially one as infuriating—and infuriatingly handsome—as Jericho. But as she sees more of the world outside of her pampered life in the city, and as she steps into more and more of Banyon’s memories, she begins to question her longest held beliefs—beliefs about right and wrong, about her world, and about herself. In an empire built on lies, seeing the truth may be her greatest weapon.
Morgan Rhodes has crafted a unique contemporary fantasy world that balances mysterious magical powers with contemporary technology, creating an immersive atmosphere that readers will love to get lost in. This action-packed read is impossible to put down once you’ve started. Filled with magic, intrigue, and danger, Legends and Liars has something for every reader—including a swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance.

Morgan Rhodes is the New York Times bestselling author of the Falling Kingdoms series (which has sold over 485,000 units across editions in the US and has sold rights in eighteen countries) and Spirits and Thieves series. Under another pen name, she’s an award-winning author of more than two dozen novels. Morgan is Canadian and lives in Southern Ontario.

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