THAT SELF-SAME METAL de Brittany N. Williams

Holly Black meets Cassandra Clare in this YA historical fantasy trilogy from debut author Brittany N. Williams, sold in an impressive mid-6-figure pre-empt!

by Brittany N. Williams
‎ Abrams, May 2023
(via Writers House)

16-year-old Joan Sands is an exceptionally gifted craftswoman who creates and upkeeps the stage blades for William Shakespeare’s acting company, The King’s Men. For her part, Joan would much prefer taking over her father’s goldsmith shop—could women be afforded such opportunities. Still, Joan enjoys working with The King’s Men for the perks it affords: spending time with her brother, bossing the men around, and most especially, enjoying the shows. Particularly the views of Nick Tooley, a friend and actor’s apprentice who grows more appealing in Joan’s eyes by the day. Little do her peers know that Joan’s skill with her blades comes from a magical ability to control metal—an ability gifted by her Head Orisha, Ogun. Because her whole family is Orisha-blessed—a secret since Protestantism is the law of the land and witch-hunting abounds—the Sands family have always kept tabs on the Fae presence in London. Usually that doesn’t involve much except noting the faint glow around a Fae’s body as they try to blend in with London society, but lately, there has been an uptick in brutal attacks on humans by the normally docile Fae.
After Joan makes the possibly fatal error of wounding a powerful Fae (one who was supposedly banned from the mortal world), she inadvertently creates a wound that won’t heal and an injury the Fae won’t forget. Now Joan has no choice but to cultivate her relationship with the Orisha and trust in her faith, or face the Fae threat all on her own.

Brittany N. Williams holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Howard University and an MA in Classical Acting from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Previously she has been a Principal Vocalist at Hong Kong Disneyland, a theatre professor at Coppin State University, and made appearances in House of Cards, Leverage, Queen Sugar, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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