LIVE YOUR BEST LIE de Jessie Weaver

Sometimes the prettiest Instagram feeds mask the darkest, and bloodiest, secrets…. Told in multiple POVs interspersed with social media posts and flashbacks, LIVE YOUR BEST LIE has twists and turns that will keep readers turning the page and no one will be able to guess the ending.

by Jessie Weaver
Melissa de la Cruz Studio/Disney-Hyperion, January 2023
(via Kaplan/DeFiore Rights)

Social media influencer Summer Cartwright leads a very charmed life: millions of followers, the hottest designer and vintage clothes at her fingertips, a newly minted book deal, the coolest friends, and, until recently, the hottest boyfriend at her über-elite prep school. Every moment of her life has been carefully planned and cultivated to complement her “imperfectly perfect” social media persona. She is truly #LivingHerBestLife.
But when Summer goes missing during her annual Halloween party and then an unscheduled post appears on her feed stating that she’ll be dead within the next five minutes, those closest to Summer know something isn’t quite right―or on-brand. Grace, Summer’s camera-shy best friend; Adam, Summer’s gamer ex-boyfriend; Laney, Summer’s moody camp roommate; and Cora, an influencer wannabe, all decide to investigate. And when they come upon Summer’s lifeless body, they soon realize that no filter is strong enough to mask the lies we tell ourselves.

Before writing about flawed, funny teens with big hearts, Jessie Weaver spent ten years teaching them English. She completed the Stanford University online novel writing program in 2019. Though she’s an East Coast girl at heart, originally from Baltimore, MD, she currently lives just outside Denver, Colorado with her husband and two daughters. LIVE YOUR BEST LIE is her first novel.

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