MARE OF NIGHT d’Emma Noyes

First of a YA fantasy romance trilogy by bestselling author of Guy’s Girl Emma Noyes, for fans of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and Norse mythology.

(Ragnarok Rising #1)
by Emma Noyes
Wednesday Books, late 2023 TBD
(via The Whalen Agency)

© Magdalena Iskra


Charlie Hudson just wants to get through junior year. Since the death of her twin sister two years before, she has drifted through life, robbed of the spark that once burned so brightly within her—until the day her first classmate goes missing. Drawn to the disappearances by forces she can’t explain, Charlie soon finds herself investigating the mysterious, alluring newcomer in town, Elias Everhart. She knows Elias is hiding something, but what she doesn’t know is that those secrets will lead her to a place she never imagined: a world hiding in plain sight, made of magic, gods, and monsters—and a first love fated to fall apart.

Book 2: LIES OF LOKI and Book 3: SINS OF ODIN to follow.

Emma Noyes told her mother she wanted to be an author when she was six. She grew up in a suburb outside Chicago and attended Harvard University, where she studied history & literature. She started her career at a beer company, but left because she wanted to write about mermaids and witches—eventually publishing her first YA fantasy series, The Sunken City. She now lives in Chicago with her Swedish boyfriend and miniature Pomeranian. Guy’s Girl, her adult debut, will publish in October 2023.

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