ALWAYS ON MY MIND de Carys Green

A high-concept thriller that centres on a couple trying to reconnect after 10 years of marriage by getting the latest tech – an implant that allows you and your partner to share thoughts 24/7. What could go wrong? Everything.

by Carys Green
Harvill Secker, 2025
(via Mushens Entertainment)

When Elijah suggests going to OneMind to celebrate their ten year anniversary, Anna is dubious and also relieved. She had been anticipating the request for a threesome in an attempt to spice things up between them, but instead Elijah wants to bond them in the most intimate of ways. Anna has seen the adverts, everyone has, the city is saturated with them –

Never again wonder if they are cheating.

Never again argue over what to have for dinner.

Know your partner intimately.

OneMind. For the ultimate closeness.

Anna is touched that Elijah would want this. A chance to share their conscious thoughts via a new, revolutionary technology. And at first things are great. Idyllic. Anna knows everything her husband is thinking. His every waking thought. But then she develops a strange side effect. Dreams that aren’t dreams. Dreams that are memories. Memories that aren’t hers. And if Anna is now experiencing Elijah’s memories, does that mean he can access hers? Does that mean he’s now aware of her darkest secret?

Suddenly Anna’s mind is a prison, where she has to repeat nursery rhymes to stop her thoughts betraying her. Everything has to be spoken. And soon she is trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Carys Green is an author living in Shropshire where she lives with her husband, daughter, and dog. When she’s not writing she can often be found indulging two of her greatest passions – either walking round the local woodland or catching up on all things Disney related.

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