HOW TO ADHD de Jessica McCabe

In this honest, friendly, and shame-free guide, Jessica McCabe, ADHD advocate and creator of the award-winning YouTube channel How to ADHD, shares the hard-won insights and practical strategies that have helped her survive, even thrive, in a world not built for her brain.

An Insider’s Guide to Working with Your Brain (Not Against It)
by Jessica McCabe
Rodale, January 2024

Diagnosed with ADHD at age twelve, Jessica struggled with a brain that she didn’t understand for most of her life. Determined to figure out why she was struggling, Jessica sought out more information about ADHD. She reached out to experts, read articles and peer-reviewed studies, and shared her discoveries in the one place she would find them again—YouTube, where her channel How to ADHD has since earned a devoted following. And in her first book, Jessica reveals the tools that have changed her life while offering an unflinching look at the realities of living with ADHD. She explains how ADHD affects everyday life and shares ADHD-specific strategies for adapting your environment, routines, and systems. With quotes from Jessica’s online community, chapter summaries, and reading shortcuts designed for the neurodivergent reader, HOW TO ADHD will help you recognize your strengths and challenges, tackle “bad brain days,” and be kinder to yourself in the process.

Jessica McCabes is the creator of the popular YouTube channel HOW TO ADHD with videos that teach strategies and offer resources for viewers with ADHD (1.57M subscribers). Jessica has been profiled in The New York Times and has been featured in publications including The Washington Post,, Upworthy, and ADDitude Magazine, among others. She is also known for her popular TEDx Talk, which has garnered more than 6 million views. She is based in Seattle, WA.

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