From Harvard-trained psychologist Jo-Ann Finkelstein, this powerful guide to understanding and dismantling sexism helps parents figure out how to raise girls in a culture that often demeans them.

Raising Fierce and Empowered Girls in the Modern World
by Jo-Ann Finkelstein
Harmony, September 2024

We live in a world of mixed messages for women: You can be anything you want to be, but don’t expect to be paid equally for it; It’s what is inside that counts, but be sure to wax, bleach, and slim down what’s outside first; You deserve respect and equality, but our laws won’t always protect your rights. Most parents find it easier to tell girls how strong, equal, and powerful they are than to talk about how the world can be particularly difficult or scary for them. But when we don’t address the challenging or disturbing experiences most girls endure, we contribute to the problem.

Jo-Ann Finkelstein has worked with girls for two decades to shake off the toxic messages about beauty, sex, and femininity. She unpacks the universal experiences that girls live with and helps parents safeguard and fine-tune their daughters’ natural “sexism detectors.” SEXISM AND SENSIBILITY is full of concrete solutions for helping girls understand and confront sexism in all its guises.

Jo-Ann Finkelstein, Ph.D., trained as a clinical psychologist at Harvard University and Northwestern University and now maintains a private clinical practice rooted in an understanding of how gender bias, social justice, and mental health intersect. An expert blogger for Psychology Today, her work has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Women’s Health and on HuffPost and CNN. Her writing has appeared in Ms. Magazine, Your Teen Magazine, and Medium, among other publications.

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