CALL FORTH A FOX de Markelle Grabo

A debut, YA fantasy, this gorgeous fractured fairytale offers a sapphic twist on the Snow White and Rose Red story in which two sisters struggle with the limited choices afforded to them and rebel against a life that is not of their own making.

by Markelle Grabo
Page Street YA, April 2024

Though the western wood is rumored to be home to wicked faeries, fifteen-year-old Roisin forages without fear, until the night she saves a red fox from a bear, and that bear turns on her. Ro and her sister survive the attack, but the forest isn’t finished with them yet, for the seemingly ordinary bear is truly a boy who’s been cursed by faeries and forced to partake in a deadly competition.

And the red fox is actually a girl—the same girl from the village who Ro has fallen for.

Between the bear and the fox only one is meant to survive, but Ro and her sister are determined to break the curse before tragedy strikes, and their fight forever alters their ties to the western wood and to each other.

Markelle Grabo is a debut author. She lives in Riverside, California.

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