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Série THE SOUL THIEF de Madeline Te Whiu

In this gripping story, debut author Madeline Te Whiu creates an unforgettable world rife with grave secrets and suspenseful romance.

by Madeline Te Whiu
New Dawn Publishing, 2022 – TBD
(via Kaplan/DeFiore)

Book 1: THE ASSASSIN THIEF (October 2022)

Betrayed by her queen.

Haunted by her gifts.

Forgotten by her people.

Telium was once the most feared assassin in all Alkoria. Now she lives out her days in exile as she fights for dominance over her dark gifts.

But all that changes when an errant Fae warrior enters her domain. Drawn by rumours of a powerful being said to be borne from the shadow of the dark goddess Tenebris.

With their kingdoms on the brink of chaos, he calls for her aid in his mission to defeat the Mad Fae King and prevent an all-out war.

But the road to the Fae capital of Meannthe is a long one, and haunted by memories of her past, Telium must decide if she can risk losing dominance over the darkness in her soul.

Book 2: THE SOUL THIEF (November 2023)

Telium’s greatest mistake has cost her more than she can bear. With the revered King of Thresiel dead, the fragile balance between kingdoms is crumbling, and she may be too broken to stop it.

Now, the mission she lost everything to prevent is resurging. Her traitorous lover is gone, and someone far more menacing has stepped in to take his place.

Forced before an unforgiving Queen to pay for her crimes, Telium is ordered to stop the rising rebellion. With her soul bonded to another, Telium faces a world of corruption, fickle gods and well-buried secrets. She must bargain with her life to protect her people, whatever the cost.

In the thrilling second instalment, Madeline Te Whiu returns us to a world of heartbreak, deadly power and treacherous betrayal.

Madeline Te Whiu is a debut author. Madeline is a veterinary nurse residing Perth, Western Australia along with her husband, dog, two cats and small flock of chickens. Her passion for books began when she was growing up in rural South Australia. She has always had an avidity for reading with her favourite authors are Victoria Aveyard, Sarah J Maas and Peter V Brett, just to name a few.