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TIRED AS F*CK de Caroline Dooner

In this funny, sincere, absurd, inspiring memoir, Caroline Dooner will look at years of desperate attempts to heal her health problems, undiagnosed anxiety, an eating disorder and dental trauma through extreme methods and through bargains with God.

My rabid search for a miracle cure,and why I needed two years of rest
by Caroline Dooner
HarperWave, 2021
(chez David Black Literary Agency)

TIRED AS F*CK will examine how our culture exhausts us—looking at the dark side of self-help through Caroline’s own experience—and how she used rest to defy cultural expectations. As she had done with the F*ck It Diet, Caroline felt she needed to apply an extreme approach to all other areas of her life—to her career and social life, to dating and the way she talked to herself. Caroline recognized that she was making choices that were keeping her exhausted and she had to figure them out. She decided for the next two years she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do. Looking at how she became exhausted, with chapters such as “How to Get Debilitating Performance Anxiety” and “How to Secure a Miracle Tooth,” through the debilitating power of positive thinking in chapters such as “How to Only Think Positive Thoughts, or Else,” and “How to be an Actual Children’s Birthday Clown,” to her rest-seeking sections including “How to Figure out What’s Depleting You” and “How to Be Ok Dying Alone,” TIRED AS F*CK is not a self-help book, it’s a cautionary tale. It’s an honest look at the dogma of wellness and spiritual self-improvement culture. It will revel in the healing power of rest.

Caroline Dooner is a writer, humorist, storyteller, and semi-ex-performer/comedian. She is the creator of The F*ck It Diet website, workshops, and podcast, and the author of the instant favorite The F*ck It Diet, that has consistently continued to grow in readership by word of mouth . Caroline excels at explaining why we have such a dysfunctional relationship with food and weight, and has helped tens of thousands of people heal their relationship with food and body, through a combination of storytelling, scientific studies, and humor.