SOONISH: 25 Technologies That Will Make the Future Awesome de Zach Weinersmith

The basic notion of a bunch of technologies that’ll shape the world in your lifetime

25 Technologies That Will Make the Future Awesome
by Zach Weinersmith and Dr. Kelly Weinersmith
Penguin Press, tentative publication: Autumn 2016
Proposal available
Agent: The Gernert Company

In SMBC, Zach Weinersmith pours a ton of research into his web comics and would like to do a book where he can expand upon his ideas in a broader way. SOONISH focuses on twenty-five technologies that exist today, that have a shot at changing the future in amazing (and positive) ways. The book will be co-written with Zach’s wife, (doctor) Kelly Weinersmith who is on the Faculty in the BioSciences Department at Rice University in Texas. Kelly has been identified as an up-and-comer by popular science media such as BuzzFeed and The New Scientist and she will be conducting interviews with experts in various fields for the book.

Zach Weinersmith is the founder, brain and artist behind Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – a very popular web comic that explores all sorts of topics with a smart, funny voice. His work has been featured in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, io9, NPR, the Freakonomics Blog, Entertainment Weekly, Mother Jones, CNN, Discovery Magazine and more. Zach’s last two books were launched on Kickstarter and raised over $700,000 combined in 30 days each. His most recent book is the most funded children’s book ever on Kickstarter. SMBC has an international following as well.

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