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CRY WHEN THE BABY CRIES de Becky Barnicoat

A hilarious book from one of the funniest current voices in parenting, dark British humor meets Go the F**k to Sleep.

by Becky Barnicoat
Gallery, Spring 2025
(via Levine Greenberg Rostan)

This book will be the perfect comfort food for new parents, the baby shower gift given by your wisest friend. Part graphic memoir and part standalone comics highlighting important childhood moments, CRY WHEN THE BABY CRIES guides parents from birth to age five. As Becky writes, “Think of this as the book equivalent to the best parenting Whatsapp group, the one where you can share your weirdest stuff and find out the other person did something worse.”

Becky Barnicoat has worked in media for almost 20 years. She was an editor at The Guardian for nine years, a writer-illustrator at Buzzfeed for two years, and has spent three years as a New Yorker contributor. She has also drawn for Cup of Jo, New York magazine, and has a regular parenting cartoon in Grazia magazine.

GLORY DAYS de Simon Rich

Laugh till you cry in this new collection of stories from the “Serena Williams of humor writing” (New York Times Book Review) about millennials finally growing up and getting older.

by Simon Rich
Voracious Books/Little, Brown, Fall 2024
(via Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary)

Photo: © Adrian Kinloch

From Mario waking up with back pain and going to get his first physical, to an anthropomorphized city addressing gentrification, to the victim of a Nigerian Prince scheme who actually moves to Nigeria to serve as a loyal subject, to a co-op meeting gone awry, these stories from the former youngest-ever SNL head writer and staff writer for Pixar writer.

Simon Rich is an American humorist, novelist, and screenwriter. He has published two novels and six collections of humor pieces, several of which appeared in The New Yorker. His novels and short stories have been translated into over a dozen languages.


Vibrant yet darkly humorous comics for commiserating over life’s deepest concerns, from Instagram artist Alison Zai.

Simple Comics About Complex Feelings
by Alison Zai
Ten Speed, April 2022

We all know the gut-wrenching pang that comes after accepting a beautiful moment will soon become a distant memory. We all get into cycles where it feels like the failures and disappointments just keep coming. Instagram comics artist Alison Zai presents WEIRD TO EXIST, a collection of 100 comics that depict these universal emotions and existential musings with great accuracy and empathy.
This bright, colorful book is divided into three intrinsic human acts—loving, creating, and existing–and, ultimately, comments on how weird it is to do all of that. Zai’s cheery anthropomorphic characters go through the motions of relationships, loneliness, creativity blocks, mental health concerns, social anxiety, and more. These comics voice the overwhelming dread and unpredictable chaos found in all aspects of being alive. With sharp levity and emotional complexity, WEIRD TO EXIST captures the feelings that are not easily communicated but widely felt. This collection features 30 never-before-published comics alongside a selection of beloved fan favorites from Zai’s Instagram account.

Alison Zai is a comics artist who has garnered success by sharing her art on Instagram and Tumblr. She lives in Los Angeles where she is expanding her career as an artist.


A tongue-in-cheek introduction to the science of comic-book supervillainy, revealing the true potential of today’s most advanced technologies.

by Ryan North
Riverhead, March 2022
(via The Gernert Company)

Taking over the world is a lot of work. Any supervillain is bound to have questions: What’s the perfect location for a floating secret base? What zany heist will fund my immoral plans? How do I control the weather, destroy the internet, and never, ever die? In How to Take Over the World, bestselling author and award-winning comics writer Ryan North details a number of outlandish villainous schemes, drawing on known science and real-world technologies. Picking up where How to Invent Everything left off, his explanations are as fun and informative as they are completely absurd. As he instructs readers on how to take over the world, North also reveals how we can save it. This sly guide to some of the greatest challenges and existential threats facing humanity accessibly explores ways to mitigate climate change, improve human life spans, prevent cyberterrorism, and finally make Jurassic Park a reality.

« A witty pop science guide intended for those demanding times when one needs to create a civilization from scratch… wry humor keeps the discussion lighthearted. North’s ‘survival guide’ is a fun, thoughtful, and thoroughly accessible reference for curious readers, students, and world-builders, as well as wayward time travelers. » ―Publishers Weekly, starred

Ryan North is a New York Times–bestselling author whose books include How to Invent Everything, Romeo and/or Juliet, and To Be or Not To Be. He’s the creator of Dinosaur Comics and the Eisner Award–winning writer of Adventure Time, Jughead, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel Comics, and he has a master’s in computational linguistics from the University of Toronto. Ryan lives in Toronto with his wife, Jenn, and their dog, Noam Chompsky.

A COOKBOOK FOR MILLENALS de Caleb Couturie, illustré par Benj Zeller

Look, your parents can’t cook for you forever and you can’t have every meal delivered!

And Literally Anyone Else but IDK If the Jokes Will Make Sense Sorry 🙁
by Caleb Couturie
illustrated by Benj Zeller
Cameron Books/Abrams, August 2021

Is avocado toast your primary food group? Do you own a small family of succulents? Do you suck at cooking but thrive at brunch? Well, you might be a millennial who would enjoy this cookbook. You might not even be a millennial! That’s okay. You’ll get more than 30 delicious recipes that anyone can easily conquer. Buy now! Or don’t. No pressure.

Caleb Couturie developed a love for cooking at a young age. Once he overcame his fear of bacon grease, it was only uphill from there. He was trained in the kitchen by world-famous chefs (on YouTube, but let’s not split hairs), and his culinary taste can be described as “bold, creative, and probably excessive.” When he’s not exploring his body’s limitations with dairy, Couturie works as a copywriter in advertising. Just think of Jon Hamm in Mad Men, but less successful, talented, and handsome.
Benj Zeller is lactose intolerant but will risk it all for a slice of Costco pizza. He’s also a big fan of bad ideas when it comes to food, and his dream is to someday eat spicy wings on Hot Ones. (Not for the fame, just for the thrills.) When he’s not putting his digestive system through hell, he works as an art director and designer in Portland, Oregon.